Improving Customer Loyalty Tops Social Media Budgets

According to national survey results jointly released by COLLOQUY and the Direct Marketing Association, U.S. companies that use social media primarily to deepen customer loyalty spend almost twice as much on this emerging channel as competitors who use it for brand awareness, customer acquisition and other core marketing purposes. Specifically, the survey results show the average social media spend for marketers whose primary objective is to obtain customer loyalty was $88,000 last year, compared to $53,000 for brand awareness and $30,000 for customer acquisition, the objectives that attracted the next highest spending levels. ...More

  • Twitter's New Redesign: Finally, A Service For The Rest Of Us

    There's one thing I always try hard not to do when one of social media's big players comes out with substantial changes -- and that's to read what everyone else thinks about it before I form my own opinion. (Reading news stories is OK; reading everything about it on TechCrunch -- not OK.) Making sure to go wide-eyed and innocent into Twitter's redesign Tuesday was fairly easy. That said, I do have one big thought: that, as of this redesign -- which allows people to see more information about each tweet without leaving the service -- Twitter is finally a ...More