• GetGlue Signs Big TV Nets for Social Fan Site

    GetGlue, a social network sometimes described as "like FourSquare, but for entertainment," says it has added a number of major TV networks to its list of entertainment partners, including MSNBC, AMC, Disney, HGTV and Discovery. ...Read the whole story

  • That Social Media Manager May Be Right Under Your Nose

    Where's that social media manager your company's been looking for? "Most likely in your office," Frank Eliason, SVP of Social Media at Citi, said Monday at OMMA Global. Indeed, a company's top brand influencer often works for the company in question, according to Pauline Ores, Enterprise Market Engagement Consultant. ...Read the whole story

The Search And Social Job Description

Increasingly search marketers are tapped to help a business or organization expand marketing initiatives into the realm of social networks -- mainly because search marketers have the unique ability to bridge the creative and technical divide. ...More

  • Controversies Swirl Over Purity Of Social Games, Microsoft's Jab At 'Nerds'

    Earlier this month, Microsoft hosted several press events to introduce its Kinect motion control product to fashion and lifestyle press and bloggers, aiming squarely at the casual set to sell its $200 competitor to Nintendo's profitable domination of the casual console market. The message Microsoft wanted to send was that Kinect was for the cool kids, and decidedly not its core gamer audience. ...More

  • The HuffPo's Hiring of NYT's Peter Goodman Is More Significant Than You Think

    If you aren't in journalism, you may have no idea how big this is: but it's huge, absolutely huge that The New York Times' economics reporter Peter Goodman is joining the Huffington Post, in a shift that was announced yesterday. Trust me, in the macro-sense of the word, this is much more important than the news that Howard Fineman just left the decimated Newsweek for the HuffPo. The Goodman shift is the more important move of the two because of why Goodman says he's leaving. And it gets to the heart of how social media has changed the news busin ...More