Be Aware!... of Social Networking Attacks

I am a member of the Black Student Association on Ball State's campus. Every meeting, once a week, we have a "Real Talk" segment of the meeting where we discuss issues in our community. This week a group of members organized skits to represent social networking awareness. One skit was about a group of girls [...] ...More

  • Legal Issues Murky When Government, Marketers Mine Data From Social Sites

    This week, reports from two different sources appeared detailing how information that users put online on social networking sites is being mined. The Electronic Frontier Foundation released records showed that the government gathers intelligence by scouring social networking sites, and The Wall Street Journal published a report examining how marketing companies, data brokers and others are using automated scrapers to collect data about Web users. ...More

  • What's Your Social Role: Are You A 'Susan' Or a 'Michael'?

    As I was putting the finishing touches on another column, my friend Karl came into my office for a scheduled meeting and, in passing, dropped the following observation about a client (names have been changed to protect the innocent): "I was talking to Susan, the person who's in charge of their social media, but I'm not exactly sure what she does. One of their tech guys, Michael, is the person who actually set up their Facebook page and Twitter account." And there, in a nutshell, is the problem with the corporate approach to social media. ...More

  • Search Reaches Turning Point With Social Integration

    What will search look like five years from now? Most marketers and search experts don't want to venture a guess because of the speed at which engineers innovate at Google, Microsoft Bing, Yahoo and Facebook is just too fast. Others going out on a limb to express their thoughts had mixed opinions. ...More