Tuesday, November 16, 2010
  • Facebook Launches Email, Broader Messaging Platform Featuring 'Social Inbox'

    As anticipated, Facebook on Monday unveiled a new email service, but as part of a broader platform that creates a hub for all online communication including SMS, chat, and email and a "social inbox" that automatically prioritizes messages from Facebook friends. Users can also see all the online conversations they've had with friends. ...Read the whole story

  • SearchIgnite Develops DSP: Giving Attribution To Search, Display, Social

    SearchIgnite has been quietly developing demand side platform (DSP) technology that lets brands get a clear view of multiple types of campaigns. On Tuesday the company plans to launch the platform that lets advertisers buy media on real-time bidding and auction-based networks like Google's and Yahoo Right Media's ad exchanges. The platform supports a variety of display ad formats such as segment targeting and retargeting. ...Read the whole story

    Five Reminders For Social-Media Marketers

    When Facebook announced its new messaging service yesterday, you had to listen closely if you wanted to hear what social network founder Mark Zuckerberg said about brands. He mentioned that 350 million of Facebook's 500 million ...More

    • Titanic: When Social And Email Collide Into Paid Search

      When Facebook first introduced the text and small image ads down the right rail, those working in media relations for the social network cringed each time someone called them "paid search," a phrase they insist should ...More