Monday, November 22, 2010
  •'s StumbleUpon Social Strategy Trumps Search Marketing

    StumbleUpon released an Android app recently. One of the most popular tools has become the app discovery feature where a site visitor picks a few categories to find apps. More than one million apps have been stumbled on. The success is no surprise for some execs. ...Read the whole story

  • Study: Put A Face On Those Social Sites

    Social media are more relationship based. Therefore, they need much more nurturing and personalization than other approaches. "You have to abandon the corporate mentality and approach and think of it as a person and interact with them as a person," Firefly Millward Brown's Rob Hernandez says. "You've got to be interesting and be relevant, with a personal connection with [consumers]." ...Read the whole story

  • Personalizes 'Social TV'

    In a bid to become the primary online online destination people use to figure out what to watch on TV, this morning announced it has added personalization features to its popular "TV Check-in" feature, which allows users to share the shows they are watching with their Facebook friends. Starting today, logged-in users will also begin to see a personalized "Hot List" of their favorite shows throughout the site, featuring tune-in information for those shows, as well as "I'll Watch" buttons to alert their Facebook community of friends. ...Read the whole story

    Reaching The 'New Mainstream' Via Social Media

    One marketer who clearly sees the growth of multicultural audiences converging with the growth of social media is McDonald's. Rick Wion, director of social media for the company, gave an excellent keynote presentation on "Multicultural Social ...More