The Cavity In Dr. Wong's Case -- Or, Why Filing Suit Isn't The Best Way To Manage Your Online Reputation

One social media topic that's held my fascination lately is how to manage one's online reputation. I'm not talking here about how a big corporation does it, but how little guys and gals -- like, say, me -- do it. At which point I happened to read about the resolution of the case of California dentist Yvonne Wong, who, according to this story from MediaPost, has been asked to pay $81,000 in legal fees to Yelp and the couple whom she sued for a negative review. So much for her claim that the review had led her to emotional distress. ...More

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    As a Kindle user since its first model debuted, I've marveled how it has changed my reading habits, and in some ways has changed my life. Some of the most profound changes are the social ones. ...More