Monday, September 26, 2011
    The Future of Paid, Earned and Owned Media is Social

    One proven way to increase effectiveness and lower your costs is earned media coupled with social optimization. With the social share button being one click away from spreading good content, the connection between "earned" and "paid" ...More

    • What A Stew: The Recipe For The New Facebook

      I've been watching the new Facebook stewing in the crockpot since yesterday morning, and have discovered the recipe for making it: To a base of existing Facebook friends and surfing habits, add three tablespoons of Google+ ...More

    • Not-So-'Glee'-ful Trends In Social Media And TV Ratings

      Look closer at social media numbers and TV ratings. Can you draw any conclusions? Exclusions? Fox spent much on marketing and public relations efforts for such new shows as "The X Factor" and "New Girl." Returning ...More