Marketers, Facebook Is Not About You

Facebook's f8 event last week will have lasting ramifications for the network's 800 million users. It will also have implications for brands, but the biggest takeaway should that if you're a marketer, Facebook was never about you, it's not about you, and it will never be about you. I'm sorry to the handful of laptops and iPhones that were just hurled across the room, but the truth hurts. ...More

  • Five Signs Social Video Is Closing The Online Ad Spending Gap

    We've long heard about the sizable gap -- currently estimated at $60 billion -- between what marketers spend on brand advertising on the Web, and the amount of time and attention that has shifted to the Internet. And while the growth of both social media and online video advertising has quickly put a dent in this number, we've yet to see the watershed moment. Social video may prove to be the missing link. ...More

  • The Future of Paid, Earned and Owned Media is Social

    One proven way to increase effectiveness and lower your costs is earned media coupled with social optimization. With the social share button being one click away from spreading good content, the connection between "earned" and "paid" is undeniable. Intent is everything, if someone shares, tweets, comments, etc., it all hits the graph and spreads to friends. That's gold! Where brands fall short is the follow through engagement, re-posting the best-trending content means not just your super fans become your evangelists. Without good content the engagement that drives reach will not happen and social has become the best way to integrate ...More