Social Media Impacts Business Value, Marketing Operations

A recent Ogilvy study found social media has a strong impact on increased sales, as well as brand perception. ...More

  • Search: Tapping Social To Move Up The Marketing Funnel

    Understanding how social marketing drives consumers to the top of the search funnel should appear as No. 1 on the Marketing New Year's Resolution List for 2012. Paid social can drive brand search to the top of the funnel, improving brand conversion percentages. It may seem counterintuitive, said aimClear Founder Marty Weintraub, but at the Search Insider Summit earlier this month he described how to drive people to the top of the search funnel through social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. The results mean better brand conversions. ...More

  • How to Drive More Video Views Through Social Channels

    Each day, more than 150 years worth of YouTube videos are watched on Facebook, an increase of 2.5 times the amount viewed a year ago. What's more, every minute Web users are sending more than 500 tweets containing YouTube links, tripling over last year, according to stats from YouTube. Indeed, video is growing more social. Plus, YouTube has said that 100 million people take a social action each week on YouTube, which could range from likes to shares to comments. ...More

  • A Social 2011 In Review

    Where did 2011 go? How did Pinterest,, and Sonar change how we interact with media, and with each other? What happened to Anthony Weiner and Osama Bin Laden? When did "+"join "@" in the digital lexicon? In a year where I visited eight countries and read 95 books, I also managed to pen nearly 50 columns, and I reread them all so you don't have to. Several themes emerged, with quite a few posts about startups, shopping, mobile social media, Google, and events. The year also brought its share of failures and disappointments to learn from. Here's 2011 in ...More