• Brands Must Craft Specific Messages To 'Empowered' Consumers

    In a new "Rise of the Empowered Consumer" report, WPP's MediaCom advises using authenticity in messaging and employing a "device-neutral" strategy when trying to reach consumers who have more control than ever, thanks to technology. ...Read the whole story

  • Nissan Lets Fans Build Z-car

    Nissan has launched a social media campaign that lets consumers help design the Nissan 370Z sports car. The program, called "Project 370Z," is focused on the Chicago Auto Show. ...Read the whole story

  • Adults Report Positive Social Network Experiences

    Separate and apart from teens, most adults view the overall social and emotional climate of social networks in a positive light. In fact, 85% of social networking adults say that their experience on such sites is that people are mostly kind, according to new findings from The Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project. ...Read the whole story

The FDA Social Media Guidance: The Path Forward

In December, the FDA released the first of its long-awaited social media guidances. The collective response from industry was a shoulder shrug. So, where do we go from here? ...More

  • A Guide To Pinterest And Moms

    Last week, some colleagues and I were discussing the research released about Pinterest and its staggering impact on retailers: Pinterest - which technically is still in closed, invitation-only beta -- drives more sales to retailers than YouTube, Google + and LinkedIn combined and is nearly equal to Twitter's referral traffic. ...More

  • Buzz for Super Bowl Spots Died Down in Minutes; What if We Voted via Video BEFORE the Game?

    Remember that football game that was played just five days ago? How about the ads in the game? Chatter on social channels about the ads dropped almost immediately after the Super Bowl ended. In fact, social media tracking service Trendrr found that buzz around the brands in the Super Bowl died off dramatically by Monday with a few exceptions. "Some brands, like H&M, Doritos, and Audi, saw as much as 5 to 10 times the conversation during the airing of the game as they would on a normal day," said Alex Nagler, TV Network liaison at Trendrr. ...More

  • Is 'Like' Any Measure of Success?

    Earlier this week, USA Today proclaimed that Average Joe and Jill America's favorite Super Bowl ad was the grandma who slingshot a baby across the yard to snatch a bag of Doritos from his annoying older brother. This was based on a USA Today/Facebook poll that collected online votes until Tuesday night. ...More

  • Is B2B Really Ready For Social Media Marketing?

    Is B2B (business to business) really ready for social media marketing? The short answer is "no." The long answer "is almost. Let's just say that generally speaking, these kinds of companies are "social media curious." My agency gets a lot of B2B inquiries from marketing, sales and PR executives with companies that are genuinely interested in "doing something a little different -- you know, funny and more edgy." Half the time they chicken out and go back to whatever they were doing before they called us, which usually includes sleep-inducing product videos and downloadable PDFs that they will no doubt ...More