Wednesday, February 15, 2012
  • Zynga Reports Loss, But Mobile Games Strong

    In its first quarterly report since going public in December, social games powerhouse Zynga posted a net loss for the fourth quarter, but beat analyst estimates for its adjusted earnings. The company had a net loss of $435 million, or $1.22 a share. ...Read the whole story

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  • Pearltrees Grabs $6.6M In Funding For 'Interest Graphs'Venture Beat

    Lured by the promise of better “interest graphs,” investors just ponied up about $6.6 million for social curation startup Pearltrees. Great, but “what the heck is an interest graph?” asks VentureBeat. Apparently, it’s “more about what you know than who you know,” it gathers, along with “strong connections to purchase intent and other matters of concern to online marketers.” “Put differently,” VB explains, “while social networks like Facebook focus on what you have in common with your friends … interest graph-based models [Pinterest, GetGlue, etc.] make social connections based on shared interests, not the other way around.” According to GigaOm, the startup really ... ...Read the whole story

Making Noise: A Conversation With Combe's Tom Cunniff

If you want to create mass awareness, there's nothing like TV. If you want to start a word-of-mouth campaign, there's nothing like social for activation. Social TV is a chance to have an integrated solution. ...More