Thursday, February 16, 2012
  • Timeline Apps Drive Traffic For Facebook Partners

    A month after releasing 60 new Timeline apps, Facebook touted initial results showing big increases in sign-ups and traffic for sites including Pinterest, Foodspotting and The lifestyle apps that went live last month followed Facebook's launch of Timeline in September. The Open Graph platform allows developers and brands to create apps that integrate with the revamped profile page. ...Read the whole story

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    • Does Lady Mary Tweet? Social Media & 'Downton Abbey'Lost Remote

      Social media -- from paid tweets to an active presence on Facebook and Twitter, to live online chats with actors -- has definitely fueled "Downton Abbey'"s success in the U.S., as this case history makes clear.  Key to the success, according to Kevin Dando, Director of Digital Marketing and Communications at PBS: "We’ve all been lucky because we’ve had an immense amount of sustained content from Masterpiece to help fuel these social media discussions.  Every week people wanted more 'Downton Abbey' content, and Masterpiece has been right there, making it available, from videos, to live chats, to games." ...Read the whole story

    • Microsoft Launches Social msnNOWMSN

      promising ...Read the whole story

    • Who Broke The News Of Whitney's Death?Poynter

      Here's an interesting post about journalists using Twitter tweets as an accurate source of news, centered around the timely issue of just who broke the story of Whitney Houston's death. Steve Myers contends that it was not really a Twitter user, after all. Analyzing the tweet said to start the death watch rolling, Myers argues that, on the contrary, "I think it shows – along with the other two early tweets that said Houston had died — how hard it is for journalists to find early, reliable accounts of newsworthy events." Myers also reports on a tool that aims to solve this problem, one ... ...Read the whole story

    • LeapFrog Interactive's Belden Presents Social Search Optimization...CisionWire

      Christy Belden , the Vice President of Media + Marketing at LeapFrog Interactive, will present Social Search Optimization as a part of the The Power of Digital Series in partnership with Business First of Louisville. ...Read the whole story

    Thank You For Your Pinterest, But I Don't Know What To Post

    This is an open letter to my 72 followers on Pinterest, including my friend, Sue, who stood next to me in line on the high school cheerleading squad; my sorority Big Sister; Mobile Marketing Association CEO ...More

    • SMBs Missing Email to Social Collaboration

      According to The State of Email Marketing in SMBs, by GetResponse, most small-to-midsize businesses (SMBs) have mastered the basics of organic email list-building, making use of Web-based sign-up forms and even offering incentives to encourage subscriptions, ...More

    • Welcome To The (Hype) Machine: Fragmentation Is So 2011

      The last month has been amazing in terms of showing the influence of social media. Three events unfurled to tell a story of the scope of social media and the virtual hype machine that it feeds, ...More