• Online TV Shows Go From Nice-To-Have To Expect-To-See, Social Sharing Becoming A Must

    The availability of TV programming online has gone from being a nice-to-have to an expect-to-see option in the minds of most Americans, raising major implications for networks and potential new opportunities for advertisers, according to the most recent installment of an ongoing tracking study of the Internet's effect on TV viewing. The study, Knowledge Networks' annual "TV Web Connections" report, will be released today and shows that in the four years since their online TV viewing attitudes and behaviors have been tracked, Americans have shifted from thinking of it as a novelty to an expectation. ...Read the whole story

  • Social Tools On Facebook Up Brand Money, Metrics

    Several companies have begun releasing tools that optimize Facebook ads and content. Wildfire and Adaptly, along with PowerReviews, separately built out services that can identify ROI, determine the lifetime worth of existing and potential customers and measure the financial impact of activities on a page. ...Read the whole story

Mobile Video More Vital Than Social Media on Cell Phones

The music and video capabilities of mobile phones are more important to prospective buyers than the social networking features, according to comScore's hefty new mobile report released late last week. "Demonstrating the importance of the ecosystem experience, smartphone owners rated selection of apps and music/video capabilities as significantly more important than the total mobile market. Meanwhile social networking features were less important, falling outside of the top purchase factors for smartphone buyers, despite the overall popularity in accessing social networking sites on mobile devices," comScore said. ...More

  • For Content Marketing And Site Optimization, Enter Pinterest

    Even though it's early days for Pinterest, it has grabbed everyone's attention because (a) it's growing so darn fast and (b) it's quickly becoming a top referral source to other Web sites. In fact, in January, Pinterest drove more referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined, according to data from Shareaholic. Still, Pinterest and its brethren have a way to go before they dethrone the king of the Web, Google. ...More

  • If TV Shows Can Hide Behind Walls, Why Not The Social Media Buzz Around Them?

    Walls are going up all around the media, particularly at newspapers and on social media. Will the construction of TV walls keep pace? ...More