So Much More To Social Than Just Brand Mentions

There's an old adage that says people love the sound of their own name. Scientists have been able to prove the truth of this rather egocentric phenomenon with research on brain activation. While not a terribly shocking discovery, this adage holds true for brands and social media listening as well. Brands are in love with their name, any and all mentions of it, wherever people are talking-they just can't seem to get enough. ...More

  • How Social Is Changing The Search Game

    Every day consumers are sharing more online. Currently consumers share four billion updates, conversations, recommendations, photos, videos, tweets, posts, shares on Facebook, 200 million on Twitter and one billion on Google+ per day. This shift in consumer online behavior is the catalyst behind the ongoing changes in search engine algorithms we've seen over the past year, in which Google and Bing have updated algorithms to incorporate consumer-generated content into search engine result placement. ...More

  • From Oranges To Street Grates: Scents That Sell Gud Brand

    Burt's Bees combined a scratch-n-sniff card with a 90-second video on Facebook to promote gd, its line of natural shampoo, conditioner, hand cream, body wash and body mist, targeting Millennial women age 18-29. ...More

  • What SXSW Attendees Need The Most

    As I'm starting to write this column at South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi), I'm wrapping up lunch with two marketers from a global brand. One is on her iPhone, and the other is on his BlackBerry. While we've sat here, I received a group text update on GroupMe from someone at this table. Something is very, very wrong in Austin. How did this become an acceptable approach to social interaction? ...More

  • Getting Pinterested In Email

    The online world is abuzz about the virtual pinboard site Pinterest these day. Launched in March 2010, Pinterest already had 11.7 million unique visitors as of January 2012, having surpassed the 10 million unique visitors mark more quickly than any standalone site in history. These days, it drives more referral traffic than LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube combined. So, as an email marketer, what's your next move? How should you determine if Pinterest is right for you, and what's the best way to get a piece of the Pinterest pie? ...More