• Banyan Branch Launches Media-Buying Unit

    Banyan Branch, which bills itself as a full-service social media agency, just got a little more full service. It has launched a media buying practice that will focus on paid social media ads to amplify and complement the work on social media programs it does for clients. ...Read the whole story

  • Adobe's Project Midas Expands Predictive Marketing Tools

    Adobe Systems will push deeper into online marketing, adding features in the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite that can predict consumer behavioral patterns. Some of the capabilities come from its acquisition in January of Efficient Frontier, previous code name Project Midas. ...Read the whole story

  • Social Media Chatter Ups Live TV Stats

    Rather than cannibalize "old media," some online activities can actually boost viewership. In particular, new research shows that social media can significantly increase consumers' TV time. A majority (58%) of heavy engagers -- i.e., consumers who share related thoughts via social networks at least 10 times a week -- report watching more live TV. ...Read the whole story

Engage Like It's 2009

A new day has dawned in digital marketing to moms - or should I say, yet another new day has dawned, with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest all announcing big format changes in the last 30 days. That of course follows the sudden explosion of Pinterest, the ridiculously fast adoption of tablets and "second screens," and, of course, the cautious, but now seemingly real, end to this economic downturn. ...More

  • The Curse Of Meh

    The app Oink just joined the great pigsty in the sky, or wherever apps go to die. While many apps deserve to be put out of their misery, oftentimes I don't have the heart to delete an app. The app may have something appealing about it, or it may be an early version that's likely to improve. Such apps have something in common: they're all "Meh." ...More