Wednesday, March 21, 2012
  • Banyan Branch Launches Media-Buying Unit

    Banyan Branch, which bills itself as a full-service social media agency, just got a little more full service. It has launched a media buying practice that will focus on paid social media ads to amplify and complement the work on social media programs it does for clients. ...Read the whole story

  • Adobe's Project Midas Expands Predictive Marketing Tools

    Adobe Systems will push deeper into online marketing, adding features in the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite that can predict consumer behavioral patterns. Some of the capabilities come from its acquisition in January of Efficient Frontier, previous code name Project Midas. ...Read the whole story

  • Social Media Chatter Ups Live TV Stats

    Rather than cannibalize "old media," some online activities can actually boost viewership. In particular, new research shows that social media can significantly increase consumers' TV time. A majority (58%) of heavy engagers -- i.e., consumers who share related thoughts via social networks at least 10 times a week -- report watching more live TV. ...Read the whole story

    Around The Net

    • Hipstamatic Teams With Instagram Fast Company

      Hipstamatic -- a camera app that lets users snap professional-looking pictures with stylized films and vintage-era lenses -- is about to announce a partnership with Instagram. Per the tie-up, Hipstamatic pictures can be ported directly into Instagram's network with just one click. “It represents the first time Instagram has opened up [its] platform API to third parties, and marks a move toward letting photos freely flow into Instagram's network from outside sources,” Fast Company reports. Hipstamatic cofounder and CEO Lucas Buick says the deal further opens the door to social sharing, where Instagram has had so much success. (Last week, ... ...Read the whole story

    • Google Turns AdWords SocialGoogle Analytics Blog

      Google released Tuesday new social reports in AdWords aimed at bridging the gap between social media, metrics, and paid-search ads. The features should help marketers identify the value of traffic coming from social sites and measure how they lead or assist in conversions. They also will give marketers insight into social activities on and off a company's Web site to help optimize engagement and increase social key performance indicators. ...Read the whole story

    • Verifying Ad Verifiers, "Social Video" Cos.Adweek

      So much for ad verification. AdWeek blows the whistle on DoubleVerify -- which it calls “one of the leaders in the ad verification space” -- for its inability to keep Verizon banner ads away from unseemly Web content. The ads -- delivered by ValueClick and tracked by DoubleVerify, according to AdWeek – were found on, alongside racy photos with cap tions like “Gigantic Tits, God’s Apology toFat Girls” and “Lesbians. All Girls Have It in Them. For Some It Comes Naturally. Others NeedAlcohol.”  Writes Adweek: “Want to know why many big brand advertisers are still seriously wary of the Internet? Just check out” Contacted for comment, DoubleVerify CEO Oren Netzer told Adweek that some advertisers only use DoubleVerify’s technology for reporting, not actually ... ...Read the whole story

    • Facebook Backers Ready For Next FacebookBloomberg

        Parlaying its existing stake in Facebook, Digital Sky Technologies is preparing to invest in the next Facebook by seeking $1 billion for a new late-stage technology fund. The Russian firm has committed Facebook stock valued at $50 million to the fund, meaning limited partners will get a chance to own the shares through their investment, reports Bloomberg, citing an investor presentation. Early investors were reportedly offered the Facebook holding at a 12% discount to an internal valuation of about $74 billion, as well as a 25% reduction in the fund’s management fee. “DST, founded by Russian technology investor Yuri ... ...Read the whole story

    • Is There Room In Today's Military For Social Media? Wired

      As society reckons with the dangers of social media putting the military at risk in Afghanistan due to geo-tagging on Facebook and videos on YouTube, a quiet revolution has taken place. It has led the British military to begin using the skills of its Gen Y recruits to conduct near real-time conversation with the world. ...Read the whole story

    Engage Like It's 2009

    A new day has dawned in digital marketing to moms - or should I say, yet another new day has dawned, with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest all announcing big format changes in the last 30 days. ...More

    • The Curse Of Meh

      The app Oink just joined the great pigsty in the sky, or wherever apps go to die. While many apps deserve to be put out of their misery, oftentimes I don't have the heart to delete ...More