Once Upon A Time, There Was A Tongue Cleaner...

As faithful readers of this column know, lately I've been obsessed with stories, more specifically, whether some brands, in some categories, will actually have any to tell. If they don't, this will come as a huge disadvantage in a world in which brands, like people, have Timelines on Facebook. Seriously, though, can't you just picture a brand making a big deal on its Timeline about that new packaging or logo that no actual human in their right mind cares about? If telling stories is a problem for you, dear brand manager, the Social Media Insider is here to tell you ...More

  • What's Next In News? Robust Software, Social Networks And Personal Production

    The future of news is likely to be all about personal production, not just big media publishing and packaging. At least that's the sense I got after participating in "The Next Big Thing in Digital News Innovation" at the Paley Center. ...More

  • A First-Click, Last-Click Attribution Model For Social Media

    How marketers capture and measure social contributions will rapidly become the secret to giving media its due. Many continue to develop sophisticated cross-channel attribution models in an attempt to address complexities. Adobe this week released a report that analyzes the best ways to measure the impact of social media, and more accurately attribute its value to campaigns. ...More

  • Best Integrated with a Mobile Device: MediaCom, Times Square's First Social Media Billboard, Audi

    Support the launch of the Audi A7 model at the New York International Auto Show a campaign connected out-of-home media with mobile through a 15,000-square foot Times Square interactive billboard that let passersby use a QR code to download guide books of various landmarks and cities across the U.S. The media campaign highlighted locations, such as the Brooklyn Bridge and the Flatiron Building. Users could comment, tweet, check-in on FourSquare at these locations. Approximately 17.7 million people viewed or interacted with the billboard, and A7 vehicle sales reached 2,700 units in three months.  ...More