Friday, March 23, 2012

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    • Pinterest Pins Facebook Ad GuruFortune

      Pinterest has hired Tim Kendall, longtime director of monetization at Facebook, and the man widely credited with helping to turn the social network into a business. While Fortune buries the news in a 2,000-plus-word profile of the popular social network, it knows how significant the news is. “At this point, businesses can't spend money marketing on Pinterest even if they want to,” it writes. “Targeted ads seem like a no-brainer, and new hire Kendall is sure to have some ideas for how to help companies better reach consumers on the site.” Similar to eBay, Pinterest could also become a platform ... ...Read the whole story

    • Inbound Marketing Data From G+Econsultancy

      Wow -- talk about confusing the issue. Econsultancy published data from an online social survey of business community members. The data comes from G+. No -- not Google Plus, or Google+, but G+ or Get past that and marketers will find that data reveals that 47% of companies said they will likely increase their inbound marketing budget in 2012. Marketers said inbound tactics, which attract customers by offering useful, relevant information, have been successful. ...Read the whole story

    • Social Marketer Wildfire On FireTechCrunch

      Social marketing platform Wildfire has come a long way since it was founded in 2008. The company, which helps brands market through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, now has 13,000 paying customers -- more than any company in the space, according TechCrunch. Since the start of 2010, meanwhile, the startup has grown from seven to 300 employees. Still a private company, TechCrunch also estimates the it did between $35 million and $45 million in 2011. “While 13,000 customers sounds impressive, many of those are low-paying monthly campaign clients, not big SaaS deals like other platforms close,” TechCrunch notes. To build out ... ...Read the whole story

    • Commonwealth, Former Empire As Viewed On Facebook The Telegraph

      Australia and New Zealand hold strong ties to Brits, an examination of global friendship patterns on Facebook shows. "Despite long periods of independence in some instances, the social fabric of once expansive trade empires frequently reveals a lasting impression of their former history," says Facebook's Johan Ugander. "In South America, we see ties with Guyana, the modern sovereign republic that was once the former colony of British Guiana." ...Read the whole story

    • ShareThis Releases List of Web's Most Social PublishersCreative Mac

      The first measure of Web-wide sharing activity, SQI provides a new metric that brings the impact of sharing into consideration, allows publishers to leverage the value of their social audiences and adds more dimension to media buying models. ...Read the whole story

    • Hoards of Hunger Games fans have an appetite for merchandise and social media marketingThe Jersey Journal

      The rabid fans of "The Hunger Games" no doubt know the outcome of the fictional competition, but that hasn't stopped them from stocking up on T-shirts, hats, bags, buttons and jewelry to support their favorite characters as the movie debuts nationwide. ...Read the whole story

    • Social Media Management Firm Maximize Social Media Launches Facebook Ad Management InitiativePRWeb
    Once Upon A Time, There Was A Tongue Cleaner...

    As faithful readers of this column know, lately I've been obsessed with stories, more specifically, whether some brands, in some categories, will actually have any to tell. If they don't, this will come as a huge ...More