• Progressive Launches Social 'Best Day Ever'

    Progressive Insurance is using Flo, the proprietress of the fictive insurance store, to go social about "The Best Day Ever." The campaign involves a series of posts on the character's Facebook and Twitter accounts. ...Read the whole story

  • Sorrell, Lanier Warn Against Tech Pitfalls

    Social media and new media technology have brought huge benefits in important areas, notes WPP's Martin Sorrell and Microsoft's Jaron Lanier. Still, both bemoaned what they portrayed as an increasingly superficial public discourse, resulting from the immediacy and ubiquity of new media technology. ...Read the whole story

  • Imre Rebrands Social Practice 5Loom

    Brand communications firm Imre is building out -- as well as rebranding -- its social marketing practice. Now known as 5Loom, the social practice will take what the company is calling a "centralized approach" to their social marketing initiatives. ...Read the whole story

  • Top Social Engagement Brands Make 'Me Statements'

    A new study from analytics-driven advertising research firm PhaseOne Communications, presented at the Advertising Research Foundation's Re:think 2012 event on March 27, sheds light on both of those questions. ...Read the whole story

Longer Video Ads Shared More in Facebook Games; TubeMogul Intros Real-Time Buying for Social Video

It seems everywhere we turn we hear more about social video. Not just branded video that marketers release on YouTube and promote the heck out of. But social video powered by social games - you know, those things we're all really doing when we're on social networks - Car Town, Deal or No Deal, Happy Pets and the like. Online video platform TubeMogul is eager for a bit of the social video action. The company has introduced a real-time buying system for social video that lets marketers serve up ads in games being played on Facebook. ...More

  • What Facebook 'Like' And Email Have In Common

    The reasons a consumer might click on a Facebook "Like" button and subscribe to an email list are similar, according to a study released Tuesday. The study finds that consumers are more likely to opt in to receive communications from local businesses than national businesses in email and on Facebook. ...More

  • Content Velocity: Throwing Snowballs To Start An Avalanche In Search And Social

    Every day in nature, avalanches both big and small occur, in areas so unreachable and remote that humans never see them. In the world of real-time publishing, avalanches of traffic, shares, links, and social signals also occur every day, both large and small in scope, but they have a highly beneficial impact on publishing efforts. These opportunities for massive attention are largely being missed by content marketers, at least in the participatory publishing sense, and marketers need only open their eyes to see them. ...More

  • Attack Of The Pinterest Clones

    It happens while you sleep. One night, you're visiting your favorite website. Then, you wake up, visit it again, and you can't recognize it anymore. Did you enter the URL correctly? It's not your imagination: your favorite site has been turned into yet another Pinterest clone! ...More

  • To Interest Moms, Try Pinterest

    TechCrunch recently crowned Pinterest 2011's "Best New Start Up," and in February alone, Pinterest saw 16.23 million unique users. TechCrunch also reported that 80% of Pinterest's user base is female. ...More

  • TV 'Friends' Social Nets At The Expense Of Radio, Print, and Other Media

    Social media is getting more ad revenue. But the dollars are coming out of budgets for print, radio, outdoor and other media -- not TV. That is good news for sellers of traditional TV. ...More

  • 24/7 Global Execs Voracious Media Users

    According to the Doremus and the Financial Times Q4 2011 Decision Dynamics online survey, global executives have an insatiable appetite for information. At any given time of day, they are using multiple forms of media, both traditional and new, to stay informed. ...More

  • The Digital Divide, Affluent Style

    When it comes to travel brands that cater to affluent customers, there's a case of the have and have-nots. According to a survey released last week by affluent customer think tank L2, despite evidence of formidable ROI, hospitality's digital advertising spend equates to only a third of funds allocated to non-digital channels. Companies such as The Four Seasons were at the top of the digital capabilities list. But companies such as Inter Continental were still not up to speed, according to the study. ...More