Is Your Social Media Investment Going Down The Sh*tter?

Forgive me for thinking that maybe April Fool's Day came a week early, but, hey, when you wake up first thing in the morning and read that there's a startup called Sh*tter, that will print your tweets on a roll of toilet paper, it's to be understood. ...More

  • Running Up The Social Media Score

    It turns out that Twitter is not much of a predictor of the future, at least when it comes to movie sales. After analyzing tweets during the Oscar season and comparing them to reviews at Rotten Tomatoes and other sites, Princeton researchers determined that although Twitter posters tend to be more positive than users who write reviews, that favorability failed to increase sales at the box office. ...More

  • Is Your Brand A Hyper-Connector Or Truly Sociable?

    As consumers have embraced social media, brands have tried to get in on the action ... especially if Millennials are an important audience for the brand. Consequently, many marketers are increasing their social media budget to the point that some studies say nearly 18% of marketing budgets will be devoted to social media within the next five years. But why? ...More

  • Is Social Media Making Moms Feel 'In-Touch' Or 'Over-Stimulated'?

    There is no denying that mom's day is full. Mom's days were full long before social media entered her world. But come into her world it did! In a recent survey, we found 65% of moms reported that they spend more than an hour a day on Facebook alone. And 28% said that they spend more than three hours a day on Facebook. ...More

  • Captain Morgan Blasts Onto Mobile With A Pirate Social Game Worth Playing

    Most advergames still just plain suck. But in one of its first forays into mobile, the Captain Morgan brand out maneuvers a lot of others who have been trying to game-ify their mobile relationship to consumers. Play on, Captain. ...More