• Pinterest Leads Consumers From Pin To Purchase

    Marketers may soon add Pinterest into their attribution strategy. Studies have demonstrated the social site's ability to generate leads. Now a recent study suggests it prompts consumers to make purchases. Some 21% of respondents to a recent survey with a Pinterest account have purchased a product after seeing a picture on the site. ...Read the whole story

  • Etch A Sketch Capitalizes On Notoriety

    After finding itself at the center of a political controversy earlier this month, Ohio Art, maker of Etch A Sketch, has moved quickly to capitalize on having its name in the news by creating a social marketing program that ties directly to the controversy while encouraging voting. ...Read the whole story

  • NHL Fans To Choose EA Cover Athlete

    The National Hockey League and Electronic Arts Inc. are partnering for a promotional campaign in which consumers' input will decide the cover of EA Sports' NHL digital game. ...Read the whole story

  • Facebook A Quiet Second-Screen Giant In Social TV Space?

    As social TV evolves on devices, Facebook could become an important player in hosting second-screen experiences for audiences in a number of ways. Programmers need to partner widely in the space, says Informa in a new report. ...Read the whole story

Captain Morgan Blasts Onto Mobile With A Pirate Social Game Worth Playing

Most advergames still just plain suck. But in one of its first forays into mobile, the Captain Morgan brand out maneuvers a lot of others who have been trying to game-ify their mobile relationship to consumers. Play on, Captain. ...More