Puma Social Video Surpasses One Million Views, More than 8,000 Social Engagements

Viral video is a hit or, mostly, a miss proposition. But socially distributed video, by contrast, is continuing to deliver results for many brands. The latest marketer to make a play in social video is Puma, which is enjoying promising results from a recently launched 90-second video that's already racked up more than one million views. The video - sort of like a short film - focuses on the benefits of living life by going out and hanging out with friends rather than watching reality TV on the couch. ...More

  • The Good Book Of Temptations

    The world is full of temptations. According to the Bible, that's how the world has been since week one. Today, temptation is more accessible than ever, so it's hardly surprising that some institutions are trying to regulate how their members use the Internet. Yet exceptions can be made, and in one prominent case, it was a brand that inspired a loophole. ...More