Tuesday, April 3, 2012

    Around The Net

    • Testing: Social Media Payment For Online Articles Reuters

      A start-up Belgian company is testing a system called Paycento, whereby people could pay to read a single article or download a piece of music with one click, negating the necessity of having to enter credit card details and fill out forms in order to subscribe to the whole she-bang. It could boost sales for newspapers, music vendors and other low-priced goods and services. ...Read the whole story

    • Firms Not Keen On Government's Media Monitor Plan The Guardian

      Privately, Internet businesses on Monday were raising concerns over the British government's plans to monitor social media use and email, saying there is "a question of jurisdiction." Their reaction comes on the heels of several MPs and civil liberties groups who argue that privacy and free expression online will be endangered. The proposal, which would allow authorities to have "on demand" access in real time, is expected to be outlined in detail on 9 May in the Queen's speech. ...Read the whole story

    • YouGov To Track UK Social Media Feed For Brands The Scotsman

      The polling firm will gather data in real time in order to help companies see a clearer picture of what people are saying about them on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites. YouGov has a panel of 426,000 people that it uses for UK market research; this is taking the research farther. The pollsters said investment in this and other new products plus overseas expansion pushed profits down 9% in the six months until 31 January. ...Read the whole story

    • Could Facebook Timeline Become Google's Perfect Storm?The Search Agents

      In an open letter to Google, Jessica Lee describes why brands are not happy with the new Facebook Timeline. She thinks it will become a "perfect storm" when brands are "unable to locate contests, coupons and loyal fans." She "whispers some advice" to make marketers and social media experts happier and more likely to "take advantage of Google+." ...Read the whole story

    Puma Social Video Surpasses One Million Views, More than 8,000 Social Engagements

    Viral video is a hit or, mostly, a miss proposition. But socially distributed video, by contrast, is continuing to deliver results for many brands. The latest marketer to make a play in social video is Puma, ...More

    • The Good Book Of Temptations

      The world is full of temptations. According to the Bible, that's how the world has been since week one. Today, temptation is more accessible than ever, so it's hardly surprising that some institutions are trying to ...More