Wednesday, April 4, 2012

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    • Shoes, Nails, 'Pinterns': Documenting Mags' Urgent Rush Toward PinternAdvertising Age

      Magazine execs are "racing to capitalize on Pinterest," headlines this post by Rupal Parekh, which details the strategies of a slew of women's mags (the natural target for the social media site) as well as a few men's lifestyle brands like Men's Health and Esquire. All this urgency creates some amusing sidelights -- like the fact that Elle has developed a group of "'pinterns' to contribute ideas about sorts of boards to create." Or that Lucky readers are going "crazy" over the topics of shoes and nails, according to the mag's contributing digital editor. And did you know that Pinterest ... ...Read the whole story

    • Study: Social Media Blunts Impact Of Negative WOM Chain Store Age

      According to the findings of its annual Call Center Satisfaction Index, CFI Group said that social media commentary after a call center experience can have a counter-intuitive impact. "What we are seeing is that, if you have a bad experience, you post it once on Facebook for all to see and then you're done with it," said Terry Redding, director of development and delivery for CFI Group. "By the same token, we are seeing good experiences posted in the same way. In fact, we've observed that positive comments generally outweigh negative ones almost as a rule." ...Read the whole story

    The Good Book Of Temptations

    The world is full of temptations. According to the Bible, that's how the world has been since week one. Today, temptation is more accessible than ever, so it's hardly surprising that some institutions are trying to ...More