Rules Of Facebook Engagement

As a self-proclaimed "social media mom," I found a recent infographic from Performics to be quite interesting. Yes, social media moms are more likely to own smartphones than other women and, yes, an overwhelming majority believe they can influence companies by voicing their opinions via their social networks. But the two stats I found most interesting were those regarding how moms' offline actions are somewhat motivated by those brands they follow on Facebook. ...More

  • Is Reality Broken?

    Is reality broken? I've been grappling with the idea ever since reading "Reality is Broken" by Jane McGonigal, who argues that games provide a better, more motivating version of life than reality. Almost inherent in her description of gameplay is the social component, as the vast majority of her examples involve games people play together -- usually virtually. ...More

  • Twitter Seeks To Quash Subpoena In Occupy Wall Street Case

    Occupy Wall Street protester Matthew Harris was among hundreds of people who were arrested last October following a protest on the Brooklyn Bridge. Harris was charged with disorderly conduct for allegedly walking in the street, as opposed to the sidewalk.The Manhattan District Attorney believes that Harris's former Twitter account,will help the government to refute the claim that the police themselves were responsible for Harris' move to the roadway. The MDA's office subpoenaed Twitter for all of Harris' messages between Sept. 15 and Dec. 31. Today, the microblogging company filed a motion seeking to quash the subpoena. ...More