Tuesday, June 5, 2012
  • Tide Makes Fun Of Being Made Fun Of

    An article in "The Onion" by one "Fred Hammond, director of digital video and social media integration, Tide Detergent," is all about a putative viral video for Tide that has apparently led to Tide making the real thing on its YouTube channel. ...Read the whole story

  • MTV Digital Series Is A Teen Wolf In Transmedia Clothing

    In an important test of a new interactive storytelling experience, MTV this week launched a new series called "Teen Wolf." While the second season of the MTV series by that name debuted Sunday night following its telecast of the 2012 MTV Movie Awards, a new, parallel, interactive version of the series debuted Monday on a variety of screens -- just not television ones. The main platforms for the interactive "Teen Wolf" series are fans' own personal screens -- whether they are PC, tablet or handheld -- and the primary distribution engine for it is Facebook, where the series has already ... ...Read the whole story

  • Boost's '4Genie' Grants Wireless Wishes

    Boost Mobile is moving from being an amplifier of consumers' complaints about their wireless providers to showing how it can solve those problems in a new marketing campaign for its prepaid wireless programs. ...Read the whole story

  • Red Bull Campaign Shows That Social Mobile Has To Get Beyond The Banner

    Social media on mobile needs to leverage both precise targeting and more intrusive ad formats in order to capture users' attention, a recent campaign for Red Bull Canada demonstrated.. ...Read the whole story

    Around The Net

    • Twitter Engages Alcohol Brands Ad Age

      Facebook has deals with Heineken and Diageo. But Twitter is catching up with new tools, such as one that checks the user's age. Coors Light is testing it. Twitter is making the changes in response to lobbying from the alcohol industry, whose revised marketing code requires brands to check ages before engaging fans on social media. There is also more scrutiny from the Federal Trade Commission, which is seeking digital-marketing data from alcohol advertisers for its next major study on booze marketing. Twitter is partnering with social-media-management company Buddy Media on a new tool to bring uniformity to the "age-gating" ... ...Read the whole story

    • How CNN Is Leveraging Social For U.K. JubileeLost Remote

      CNN is betting heavily on social media to optimize its coverage of Queen Elizabeth's diamond jubilee, marking 60 years of her reign over the U.K. But will the event lead to royal-wedding-like ratings jumps? "I don't think we know yet," says CNN's Senior Digital Producer in a Q&A with Natan Edelsburg. "While London expects more than a million people to come to the Diamond Jubilee events, we have yet to see if it will resonate as much with the U.S. audience as the Royal Wedding did." ...Read the whole story

    • Twitter A Better Ad Platform Than Facebook? Ad Age

      Internet marketing strategist B.L. Ochman argues that Twitter will be around "long after Facebook fades away. I think Twitter will monetize with brand partnerships like its current brilliant global one with Pepsi, and its partnership with ESPN." She gives 10 reasons: Twitter is a top source of news; you can get queries answered by experts; advertising there makes sense; it's a great customer service channel; if you do it right you get more than you give; Twitter is already a strong mobile platform; anyone can become an influencer on Twitter; Twitter humanizes companies; the 140-character limit makes you a better ... ...Read the whole story

    • 4Seven Programmes To Be Chosen By Facebook The Guardian

      Channel 4 will launch a new TV channel called 4Seven next month screening repeats of the programmes viewers and critics have most talked about from the previous seven days, prefaced by a snappy selection of their comments, good and bad. The channel, which takes its place alongside E4, More4 and Film4, will keep open the weekday 8pm and 10pm slots so that shows that create a critical buzz in newspapers, chatter on social media through Twitter and Facebook, and reaction on the overnight log of comments kept by the broadcaster can be repeated the next day. ...Read the whole story

    How Search And Media Might Think About Respect And Reinvention

    Media companies know a thing or two about economics forcing change. In Sunday's 'Orange County Register,' syndicated columnist Mark Steyn muses on world economics and how the working years of Western civilization continue to shrink. Take ...More