• Network TV Draws Substantial Social Media Chatter

    Social media activity for all broadcast networks increased substantially in May, the last month of the TV season, versus that of a year ago. ABC earned the greatest gain for any broadcast network. Overall, broadcast TV shows garnered the most social media activity, with 71 million social media interactions in May; cable TV shows were at 40 million. ...Read the whole story

  • Facebook Opens App Center

    Facebook took the wraps of its App Center Thursday with the aim of providing its more than 900 million users with an easier way of finding games and other applications on the social network. The App Center launches with some 600 Facebook apps -- mostly games, including Nike+ GPS, Draw Something, JetPack Joyride as well as Pinterest -- that Facebook has selected based on user feedback and other quality-control standards. ...Read the whole story

  • Google, GroupM Partner For Brand Education

    Google and digital agency GroupM Next launched a series of events to focus on specific markets and verticals. Exclusive to the agency's clients, the Spark day sessions will explore ideas on technology, branding and making the Web and mobile work for large companies. The hope is to start more conversations leading to innovations. ...Read the whole story

  • Miracle Whip Taps Celebs For Mock-PSA Video Push

    The tongue-in-cheek video campaign from Mcgarrybowen, Chicago, dubbed "Keep an Open Mouth," satirizes the tried-and-true public service announcement approach of celebrities delivering personal appeals for a cause. ...Read the whole story

  • Nikon: 'Small Moments' Make Big Difference

    To kick off the effort, Nikon has enlisted Ashton Kutcher (along with other celebrities such as Hilary Duff and Derek Hough) to create photo galleries intended to give an inside look into the moments of joy and inspiration in these public figures' private lives. ...Read the whole story

  • Jack Daniels Revamps Site, Preps New Ad Campaign

    "... consumer habits have changed," Carmen D'Ascendis, director of global marketing for Jack Daniels, tells "Marketing Daily." "Just 11% of our site viewers were coming from mobile and tablets, and we wanted to address that." ...Read the whole story

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Six Hot Video And Social Startups To Watch

Here's more proof that video and social media are growing ever more inextricably linked: Turner Broadcasting tapped six tech startups for a 12-week incubator program this summer, and many of those companies include social and video components. We can follow along and track their success to see if Turner is good at making bets on the next big thing -- companies that may shape the future of media via their work in social TV and transmedia storytelling. ...More

  • Can Social Media Empower Victims Of Abuse?

    When the movie "Kids" came out in 1995, it terrified me. Not because Larry Clark's portrayal of a group of kids doing drugs and having unprotected sex was so disturbing, but because it was so easy to imagine myself hanging out with them. I grew up on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. I went to a "good" school. And, like kids everywhere since the dawn of time, we experimented. We didn't always make smart choices. We often didn't understand the implications of our actions. ...More

  • Social Media Saga: How the Headlines Read Once the Thrill Is Gone

    If it weren't for what happened in Wisconsin, or the latest headlines in the Greek tragedy, social media probably would have led the news in the category of doom-and-gloom this week. A sampling: 1. Facebook Will Disappear by 2020, Analyst Says 2. LinkedIn Confirms That Passwords Stolen, Leaked by Hacker (the hacker behind it also allegedly did the same with 1.5 million eHarmony passwords -- but who's counting?) 3. Is Social Media Killing You? TrekDesk & BodyMedia Offer Prevention through Motion and Metrics Wow, this social media thing is so over, ain't it? ...More