• LinkedIn Extends Targeted Updates To Companies

    LinkedIn on Tuesday announced that companies can send targeted status updates to businesses widely after launching the service with a small number of brands in April including AT&T, Dell, and Microsoft. The targeted updates will allow the 2 million companies on LinkedIn to tailor content sent to followers, according to various criteria including industry, seniority, job function, and company size. ...Read the whole story

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Badoo Launches New York-Only Campaign For Global Social Media Tool

When I started seeing ads for Badoo plastered all over New York City subway stations and bus shelters, my first question concerned its ever-so-whimsically-nonsensical name. Sure, "Badoo" rolls off the tongue easily enough and is fraught with Joycean allusion. But why not Urkywiggle? Why not Sassafrig or Ookedymook or Frmmppp? I demand that the linguists and semanticians charged with naming this web site/app dealie detail the thinking that drove their decision. ...More

  • Forget 'Audiences,' The Future Is About Managing 'Social Connections'

    Almost five years ago I left Nielsen BuzzMetrics (now called NM Incite) to join the founding leadership team at Clickable, a startup with a bold ambition to simplify online advertising for the masses. As with every startup, you mature and evolve, and go places you didn't expect, adapting to change and seizing opportunity. For us, we pivoted from a pure software service focused on search ads to a solutions company specializing in social ads and online marketing intelligence. We also moved away from small businesses, so we could focus on midsize and large advertisers and agencies. ...More

  • 10 Things Facebook Can Do With Face.com

    One of the fastest-growing Facebook groups this year must be for people whose companies have been acquired by the social network. Following Instagram, Facebook acquired loyalty app Tagtile, proximity network Glancee, photo sharing service Lightbox, social gifting app Karma, and, this week, facial recognition platform Face.com. The last one's a fascinating company with cutting-edge technology for marketers and publishers, as well as a new consumer-facing iPhone app, Klik, that can learn to recognize friends' faces based on their Facebook profiles. ...More

  • What Brands Are Missing In Facebook Video

    As brands and publishers put greater emphasis on their social media presence, we're seeing myriad approaches to distributing content, whether it's links to articles, images -- or, more and more often, video. However, what many don't understand is that consumers have different expectations for experiencing content on social media platforms. Every active player in the video content value chain -- from publishers to advertisers -- needs to understand the differences in measurement, consumption and advertising acceptance before building a social video strategy. ...More

  • Playing FarmVille To Save The World

    Imagine if every time you played FarmVille you also reduced your carbon emissions... or, perhaps more realistically, you gained a point for every time you shopped with a reusable bag, and those points added up for coupons or savings? According to gamification advocates, those incentives might end up changing your behavior. ...More

  • Socialcam Envisions Branded Video Triggered By The Geo-Fence

    Mobile sharing platforms may be the most effective way to untether video from the living room and desktop. Why shouldn't your favorite store ping your phone with a welcome video as you enter its front door? ...More