Helping To Build A Facebook Ad Model

According to a new report from Resolution Media and Kenshoo, "Exposure Rate," a new metric to measure targeted engagement on Facebook, takes center stage. The research focuses on interaction with Facebook Marketplace Ads (not to be confused with the Facebook Premium Ads offering) across various ad types and targeting criteria. ...More

  • Facebook, Finally, Gets A Woman On Its Board

    From a public relations point of view, the ascendance of Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg to its board of directors may say more about the company in the breach than in the appointment. To wit: How could a company in A.D. 2012, whose primary customer is female, heretofore be one of only 11% of Fortune 500 companies without a woman on the board? ...More

  • Flying Too Close To The Sun

    Remember Highlight? Sure, it's still around, and it's premature to write it off. Yet the new app that received the most buzz at South by Southwest (SXSW) this year just gained a new competitor: Facebook. There have been many instances recently of the rich getting richer, with the best functionality and features getting incorporated into the most dominant platforms. Facebook, Google, Apple, and Twitter are among those especially adept at making dreams come true while simultaneously unleashing nightmares. Here are four ways this has been happening lately: ...More

  • Tweet Emotion

    In just one day at the 140 Characters Conference, I gleaned some observations worth sharing (and caring about): Among them: Social media is a boundless source of social good, and is best taught by doing. Twitter allows us to access what is otherwise inaccessible, and it will surely survive and evolve. Finally, from tragedy comes inspiration. ...More