• LinkedIn Testing Ads in iPad App

    LinkedIn has begun testing display ads in its recently introduced iPad app, marking the professional network's first step toward monetizing its rapidly growing mobile audience. LinkedIn is trialing the in-app ads with Cisco and Shell. ...Read the whole story

The Kids Are Tuned Out -- Of Your Branded Messages

In the big, grand world of MediaPost conferences, the session that usually proves most illuminating is when we get actual people, who don't work in this business, on stage. (No, none of us who read -- or write -- this column qualify as actual people; we are overanalytical wonks.) What the people on those panels tell us is what media, devices and platforms they use -- and how, or whether, branding really has any impact on their daily lives. Guess what? Branding always barely registers. ...More

  • 4 Things Brands Can Learn From Social Millennials

    It's widely known that Millennials are early adopters and high utilizers of social media. And many brands have tried to build social experiences to engage them...some more successfully than others. To find out what drives success, we conducted a qualitative study to understand what brands could learn from people who are truly sociable versus just active in social media. Rather than select the participants, we had people describe the traits of people they considered to be very sociable and then each brought people that fit that description. As seen by their friends, sociable people have four characteristics that brands could ...More