• Say Media Raises $27 Mil, Adds To Exec Lineup

    Gearing up to grow its media holdings, social-media marketer and ad network Say Media has raised $27 million in funding. Say Media CEO Matt Sanchez said Thursday that the investment was more than enough to scale its media network, and continue to build its leadership team. ...Read the whole story

3 Marketing Books Changing The Social Landscape

Jeffrey Hayzlett, Clark Kokich and Sandra Zoratti challenge traditional modes of thinking and doing -- demonstrating a clear path and direction to help marketers and business change, survive and thrive. ...More

  • Why The Race For The White House Goes Through Facebook

    Now that Mitt Romney is the clear front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, we're seeing both Romney and Obama's campaigns ratchet up their advertising in an effort to reach male voters going into November. Historically, most of the political spend for a Presidential election would be for television ads, but with Facebook's enormous reach, it now exceeds that of both broadcast and print media. ...More

  • Maximize Social Media LLC Names Julie Stern Wills SVP

    Los Angeles social media agency Maximize Social Media LLC this week named Julie Stern Wills as its senior vice president. She will lead the company's online advertising management division with a focus on Facebook advertising. ...More

  • LocalResponse and ShopLocal Target Point-Of-Sale Intent With Pocket Circulars

    In a new partnership between the two companies, social signals from hundreds of millions of posts and check-ins help target high-intent users with circulars they can use in-store. ...More

  • The Impact of Pinterest

    According to new research from Compete's Online Shopper Intelligence Survey, Pinterest is succeeding in disrupting the social media landscape. About 1 in 4 consumers reports that they are spending less time on other social media sites in favor of Pinterest. And, evidence of this change in behavior says the report is a 3% decline in time spent on Facebook over the last month. ...More

  • As Facebook Prepares to Face Its Earnings Music, It's Sounding Pretty Good

    As far as digital is concerned, this is Marissa Mayer's week, but let the Social Media Insider get your mind off that. For a few minutes, let's not worry about whether a pregnant Silicon Valley superhero can really run a struggling Internet concern, and worry just a little bit, about Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, not to mention thousands of down-in-the-dumps Facebook shareholders. Yes, let's talk (again) about Facebook. A week from now, Facebook will announce its first earnings as a public company, and the Social Media Insider, along with all those bitter Facebook haters, will be out in force. ...More

  • Half Of Cell Phone Users On Phones During TV - What It Means For Social TV, Olympics

    No wonder television networks are wringing their hands over their social TV strategies. With the news from Pew this week that nearly half of cell phone users are on their phones while viewing TV, it's understandable that broadcasters would be in a pickle about how to leverage this new behavior. ...More