Monday, July 23, 2012

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    • UK Shop Embroiled In Twitter Misunderstanding GigaOm

      A dress shop committed an act of unfathomable stupidity today when it tweeted that references to "Aurora," site of the horrific theatre massacre in Colorado, were "clearly about our Kim K inspired #Aurora dress." The incident has proved remarkable not only for the depth of the Celeb Boutique's idiocy but for the virulent and mob-like response it has invoked. As of Friday afternoon, Twitter is alight with thousands of people calling the company vile names and demanding that it pay money to a victim's fund. ...Read the whole story

    • How To Limit Calls To ActionSEOmoz

      Limit social and email calls to action to make them more effective, such as "Follow us on Pinterest" or "Like us if you like us." Rand Fishkin provides tactical strategies that can help marketers make better decisions. Just as marketers wouldn't put a zillion "buy" buttons on an ecommerce page, site visitors should have to visit social and email sign-up pages where calls to action outnumber other information. Fishkin give us best practices to streamline processes, including limiting the email page to two calls to action and promoting where action is most likely to happen. ...Read the whole story

    • Advertisers' Pinterest Problems Business Insider

      Pinterest is problematic for marketers, partly because it may have shooting star syndrome, with its user-base plateauing and brands can't get Twitter-like traction. Unlike Twitter, where brands and celebrities dominate the most-followed lists-the top brand on Pinterest has less than one-tenth the followers of the top individual user. And Pinterest's user interface is limited for brands because you can only post things, like them, and follow people. The few brands that have tried to be innovative in the medium have had little success in terms of adding followers. May be they can take a cue from people who have been ... ...Read the whole story

    • Workers Waste One Full Day On Social Media BizReport

      When VoucherCodesPro noticed significantly high traffic on their money-saving website during working hours, they wondered just how much time people at work spend using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. They asked over 1,000 people in the UK, 69% of which worked Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, about their social media use during the working day, excluding during their own time such as lunch or other breaks. The results may concern business owners. ...Read the whole story

    • ... And How To Solve Them Promo

      Jaime Hoerbelt, social media strategist with Tenthwave offers some ways to work with Pinterest. "The best niche marketing allows brands to communicate the most appealing attributes of their products or services to the right consumers. The diversity of social media platforms makes niche marketing easier than it has ever been before. Pick any interest or hobby and there is an existing platform with a network of like-minded people to support it," she writes. They keys to victory: identify your targets; leverage Influencers; tie back your content to purchases. ...Read the whole story

    • Games Face New Challenges With Social Media Yahoo

      The explosion of social networking offers huge opportunities to the IOC, Reuters reports, but with much of its revenues dependent on the billion-dollar deals agreed with broadcasters, the body overseeing the Games will also have to protect those long-held rights. Fans inside a stadium will be allowed to use their smartphones to film Usain Bolt on the track or Michael Phelps in the pool, but they will not be allowed to upload it to Facebook in a ruling that may surprise many tech-savvy fans who now upload clips on a regular basis. ...Read the whole story

    • Athletes Cautioned Against Using Social Media 3News

      While agreeing that social media is popular and fun, "Can't talk. #training" may be the most apt tweet or status update, especially at the games. And it's far less than 140 characters. "It's good to keep in contact with your family and friends," Australian shooter Alethea Sedgman said. "But sport-wise, it's better to focus without Facebook." The Australian cycling team doesn't use social media during competition time. No RTs for them, maybe just some RTTs (remember to train). ...Read the whole story

    • Conference Examines Social Media, ECommerce Links Red Rocket Media
    Setting The Record Straight: 5 Common Misconceptions About Instagram

    With the ability to take great pictures on their phones, travelers are sharing vacation photos with their personal networks more than ever. Instagram, the popular mobile app, enables users to manipulate photos with filters and then ...More