• Celebrities Make Phone Cases Fashionable

    This September, Case-Mate, which makes covers for all sorts of electronic devices, will launch an advertising campaign highlighting how matching the right cover for the right occasion is essential in these digital times. ...Read the whole story

  • Google+ Followers Up, Actively Follow Top 100 Brands

    The number of people following the top 100 brands in the Google+ social network rose 54% to 12 million in the past two months. The top 10 brands have more than 9 million followers, accounting for 75% of the Google+ total follower base. ...Read the whole story

  • IAB Pushes For DIY Ad Units, Modules

    Industry insiders believe agencies, brands and publishers need to take steps to create and adopt drag-and-drop display ad units online -- or they risk losing dollars to offline and falling CPM prices. IAB is promoting do-it-yourself ad units to encourage publishers to "de-clutter" Web pages. ...Read the whole story

  • Hearst Taps Sprinklr To Up Social Strategy

    Hearst Digital Media will use Sprinklr's tools to help its media properties -- including 'Elle,' 'Cosmopolitan' and 'House Beautiful' -- post across social networks, as well as review analytics and measure engagement. ...Read the whole story

  • New Ultimat Vodka Video Goes Viral

    The video, part of the brand's "Find Balance, Find Ultimat" campaign, shows a window washer dressed as a businessman flashing signs at office workers from his perch outside their skyscraper windows. ...Read the whole story

Ten Comebacks I'd Like To See

It could be the Olympics, or the fear of another early ending to the Mets' season, or Ben Folds reuniting with the other two guys as they ironically tour again as Ben Folds Five. Whatever the reason, I've got comeback fever. While I try to find the cure, I keep thinking about social media. Here are 10 social media comebacks that I'd love to see: ...More

  • Twitter Boots Journalist Who Posted NBC Exec's Contact Info

    Twitter has long had a reputation for standing up for users' rights. Last year, the company distinguished itself by going to court to challenge a subpoena for information about account holders who appeared to have ties to Wikileaks. The company also drew praise from digital rights advocates for appealing a court order requiring it to disclose data about Occupy Wall Street protester Malcolm Harris' account. But today, the microblogging site is under fire by free speech advocates. That's because Twitter suspended the account of journalist Guy Adams, the Los Angeles bureau chief for The Independent, who forcefully criticized NBC's decision ...More