Friday, August 10, 2012

    Around The Net

    • Citroen Makes First Crowd-Sourced Car

      Citroen has unveiled what it claims is the UK's first crowd-sourced car in the shape of the C1 Connexion, whose specs were determined from the 24,000 configurations posted by consumers on the car brand's Facebook page. On launching the crowd-sourcing app back in April, Citroen said the C1 Connexion would be a car "created for the Facebook generation, by the Facebook generation." ...Read the whole story

    • Is Facebook Gambling With Users' Trust? The Telegraph

      Seeing updates on your timeline of how much your friend has just won or lost during a game of Bingo Friendzy, is not really the social experience most people have signed up to Facebook for. Facebook slot machines will also soon appear, as will several poker apps for the social network. With the British high street battling against the growing number of betting shops springing up and creating anti-social zones, Emma Barnett writes, most Facebook users are not looking for a similar situation to appear on their social network of choice. ...Read the whole story

    • VHI Adds Social Elements To 'Pop Up Video'Lost Remote

      In the second season of the reboot of its iconic "Pop Up Video" show, VHI has added social features to its "Create Your Own Pop-Up Video" Web app by enabling users to collaborate with friends on their video and embed it on Facebook. "This is a prime example of our storytelling without borders strategy which looks to engage fans before, during and after show…and even between seasons," notes Dan Sacher, VHI's senior vice president of digital. ...Read the whole story

    • UK Marketers Keep Eye On Aussie Facebook Ruling The Drum

      Advertisers are closely monitoring developments from down under following a decision by Australia's Advertising Standards Board which defined comments made by users on Smirnoff's Facebook page. The ruling annulled any differentiation between comments posted by the advertiser and comments penned by members of the public - leaving Smirnoff liable for all commentary on its page which must adhere to stringent advertising laws. Advertisers are now considering whether they will need to build the additional charges associated with monitoring into their ad budgets. ...Read the whole story

    • Online Critics Put 'Nude' Back On View In Scotland Yahoo

      Edinburgh Airport was forced on Wednesday to backtrack on its decision to cover a poster of a famous Picasso nude, which some passengers had deemed too risque. The poster hanging at the airport's terminal, featuring the Spanish master's curvaceous "Nude Woman In a Red Armchair", was promoting an exhibition at the Scottish Museum of Modern Art. ...Read the whole story

    • Zynga COO Steps DownBloomberg et al.

      Taking the blame for Zynga’s underperformance, John Schappert has relinquished his role as the company’s Chief Operating Officer. The departure comes “after he was stripped of some responsibilities at the company,” Bloomberg reports, citing sources. Specifically, Schappert “had lost his role overseeing game development in a reorganization that was aimed at reviving growth and making more money from mobile services.” “Beset by charges of copyright infringement and insider trading, the bad news keeps rolling in for Zynga,” VentureBeat writes. The sharp decline in Zynga’s share price has called out for change in the company’s operations, “The Next Web notes. With ... ...Read the whole story

    • Pin Away! Pinterest Opens RegistrationCNet

      Ready to achieve serious scale, Pinterest has finally replaced its invite-only model with open registration. “One of the Internet's most popular social networks pushed its doors wide open today,” CNet notes. “This means users can sign up for an account without having to wait for an invite, the company said in a blog post.” Previously, potential pinners had to request an invite from Pinterest or be invited by a friend who already had a Pinterest account. Invites allowed the site to control the volume of new users so that its servers were not overwhelmed, according to Pinterest. “Now, the site ... ...Read the whole story

    Dr. Content, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love The Facebook

    Facebook, once the industry darling, is now receiving close scrutiny and somewhat negative sentiment. Starting in the weeks leading up to the IPO, continuing with questions about mobile monetization, and through the recent announcement about the ...More