Monday, August 20, 2012

    Around The Net

    • Malibu Style: GM Teams WIth Living Social, Time WarnerAdweek

      GM has forged a unique multiplatform alliance with fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi, the daily deals brand LivingSocial and media giant Time Warner. Mizrahi conceived a new line, Malibu Style, inspired by the 2013 Chevy Malibu, targeting women 25-45. Fifty videos, starring Mizrahi, will be streamed across Facebook and TW-owned sites. Both the line and the car will be promoted. Carat brokered the deal.   ...Read the whole story

    Using The Interest Graph To Target Social Ads To Gen Y

    Demographic profiles have long been used by marketers to segment their audience and enable them to target offers to people who are more likely to be receptive than the general population. For example, a marketer for ...More

    • What If We Got This Whole Facebook Thing Wrong?

      There are times when I'm sure we've gotten this Facebook thing -- and maybe this social media thing -- all wrong. When it comes to the Facebook IPO, yesterday was a day like any other day. ...More

    • Pinning Down The Future Of Pinterest

      Since speculating on the future of Pinterest has become a sport in and of itself, this seems like the appropriate moment to get my 5 best guesses together for the upcoming Social Media Insider Summit, where ...More