SF Start-up "Social Teeth" Gains Political Bite

Elaine Chang's latest venture is an online platform called Social Teeth, billed as a sort of Kickstarter for political ads. The San Francisco-based site is designed to showcase TV spots from independent advocacy groups and candidates that need funding for campaigns. There is a mechanism for supporters to donate funds via Stripe on the site. ...More

  • What I've Learned, 400 Editions Later

    On July 2, 2004, I penned a Search Insider column for MediaPost that quoted Dr. Seuss and Eminem, followed it up 18 days later with a biblical allegory about search engine optimization, and nearly every week since then, I contributed to an oeuvre here that ultimately numbered 400 editions. So as not to bury the lede, this is my final Insider edition - at least for now. ...More

  • Tasti D-Lite: Give Customer Check-Ins Their Just Desserts

    One of the earliest merchant adopters of foursquare check-ins, Tasti D-Lite has learned to get beyond harvesting local social behaviors. Surprise your loyal customers, listen to their feedback, and you may catch them doing victory dances at retail. ...More

  • Why Google Wants Businesses To Bring (+) Social To Work

    Video chat from long tables in boardrooms and meeting rooms, where employees stared at a large screen on one side of the room, initially emerged as a way to reduce travel expenses -- but tech companies have figured out a way to make video conferencing a mobile and social tool, integrating it into a variety of business applications. ...More