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Multivariate Testing: Do We Need A Chief Measurement Officer?

It seems simple. Marketing campaigns designed to work on a brand's Web site don't always produce positive returns on investments in search, social and mobile. Reasons vary depending on the message. If it comes close, the campaigns can produce so much data it muddies the message. Do companies need a CMO (chief measurement officer)? ...More

  • The Tweets-Per-Minute Metric -- Or, Michelle Obama Is Our Next President!

    Until I decided that it wasn't necessary to juggle two screens during last night's speech by Bill Clinton at the Democratic National Convention, I was completely in a lather. The Tweetdeck app on my iPad just wouldn't load, and so I was left with only the rousing cheers in the Time Warner Cable Arena (plug! I guess) to determine whether Clinton still had it. Which brings me to the fun, yet potentially misleading, metric, called the tweet per minute, or TPM (which, I should point out has nothing to do with that other TPM, Talking Points Memo). Anyway, according to ...More