Virtual Race Can Win You A Real Car

Remember the recent hyperlocal, customized direct-mail campaign created by Lowe Roche, Toronto for its client Pfaff Auto? Driven by its success, the agency crafted another campaign for the car dealership, this time using Twitter as its main medium. The Pfaff Tweet Race is a virtual race for Twitter users to gain 2,500 new Twitter followers, on top of how many they currently have. At stake is a 2013 Audi A4 with a one-year lease and tuning package worth $5,000. ...More

  • How Do You Value Your Brand's Social Connections?

    In today's digital marketing world, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest have become a powerful identity and communications grid that establishes intelligent connections between marketers and their prospects and customers. It is crucial to understand how social connections overlap with your internal prospect and customer databases, how these segments differ, and how they can affect business outcome. ...More

  • Integrating Email, Social, And CRM

    Email marketing is most effective when content is sent in a timely manner to customers and prospects based on specific actions they take. That's CRM at its finest, after all: responding to the customer's actions and expressed desires. ...More

  • Social Advertising Will Eat Banners*

    Media and technology has changed so much in five years that saying anything other than something radical seems naive.  Who would have predicted five years ago that Apple would be the most valuable company on earth and that the iPhone would have the largest share of any smart phone on the market?  Saying such a thing ten years ago would have people calling you absolutely crazy.   My firm belief is that banner advertising is the past, and so the boldest form of my prediction and one that is likely to only be partially correct is:   There will be ...More

  • Ad Industry Needs Social Analytics To Identify Influences And Search Trends

    Social media identifies buzz that points to trends in specific geographic areas and topics, but can advancements in analytics produce the insight to really identify increases in search behavior and interest? ...More

  • Social Media And TV Viewership: Where's The Valued Intersection Now?

    Place a value on this: viewers of MTV's "Video Music Awards" last Thursday posted three times more social media messages than a year earlier --19.2 million versus 5.6 million, according to Trendrr. But the show's actual viewers fell by half - from 12.4 million to 6.1 million, according to Nielsen. ...More