• Volvo Goes To Pinterest For Road Trip

    Volvo Cars of North America is aiming for the nexus of design and lifestyle with a new social-media campaign on Pinterest to get people to look at the new Volvo S60 T5 AWD, and vie for a chance to take a road trip. It's the company's first social media program. ...Read the whole story

  • Zuckerberg: Mobile Will Be Key To Facebook's Success

    Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged disappointment with the company's stock performance since going public in May, but voiced optimism about its nascent mobile business as a long-term growth engine. Speaking publicly on Tuesday for the first time since Facebook's botched IPO, Zuckerberg addressed a wide range of topics about the company at the TechCrunch: Disrupt 2012 conference in San Francisco. ...Read the whole story

  • Marketers' Challenge: Finding The Right Social Network

    Different social networks lend themselves to different strategic objectives. Deciding which marketing channel is best is a tactical move. Facebook, for instance, dominates as a source of traffic, whereas Pinterest drives larger orders. ...Read the whole story

Facebook's Ultimate Social Search Engine Looks More Like Ask.com

The world watches and waits for Mark Zuckerberg to announce a search engine to rival Google, but the search engine the Facebook CEO plans to build will integrate capabilities closer to Ask.com. ...More

  • TV Advertising To Students Most Effective; Email Best Reach

    According to a proprietary 2012 College Marketing Report from the Barnes & Noble College Marketing Division, despite the prevalence of social media and Internet usage, college students still consider TV ads the most effective form of advertising. They prefer to receive emails over texts from marketers; their engagement with brands on Facebook tops all other social networks; and most are very open to direct brand engagement, including supporting on-campus ambassador programs, says the report. ...More

  • First Step To Quantify Social's Influence On Search

    Social analytics will become the next tool to identify whether social buzz and campaigns can support search engine marketing, as more marketers integrate a variety of media. Determining the success of social campaigns, however, remains challenging. One method that Greenlight's COO Andreas Pouros believes will make it easier points to a pay-per-performance model. ...More

  • Social Advertising Will Eat Banners*

    Media and technology has changed so much in five years that saying anything other than something radical seems naive.  Who would have predicted five years ago that Apple would be the most valuable company on earth and that the iPhone would have the largest share of any smart phone on the market?  Saying such a thing ten years ago would have people calling you absolutely crazy.   My firm belief is that banner advertising is the past, and so the boldest form of my prediction and one that is likely to only be partially correct is:   There will be ...More

  • Why Pinterest Is Frozen Yogurt, And Not Ice Cream

    "$138 million is not a lot of money." Yep, I said that. In a fit of frustration. Publicly. On video. You see, an audience member asked a question at the tail end of our panel at last month's Social Media Insider Summit. A question that presupposed Pinterest was overvalued and overfunded at $138 million in funding. ...More