• Ad Firm Touts Results On Facebook Exchange

    Facebook in June announced plans to launch a real-time bidded (RTB) ad marketplace allowing advertisers to reach users on the social network based on their browsing history. Through the Facebook Exchange (FBX), users visiting third-party sites can be shown ads related to their travels around the Web when they go back on Facebook. ...Read the whole story

Five Reasons Mark Zuckerberg Needs To Get Out More

Here's my takeaway from TechCrunch's Disrupt conference this week: Mark Zuckerberg needs to get out more. If you haven't watched the Facebook founder's half-hour sitdown the other day with Michael Arrington, the TechCrunch swami, then you should. What you'll also see is a company, and a CEO, pressing on in some promising ways, and making the case for why Facebook is, as they say, is a very serious play-ah, despite everything you've read over the last few months. ...More

  • SEMPO 2012 Survey: Agencies Get Search + Social; Companies, Not So Much

    SEMPO has just released its 2012 marketer survey, and there are many interesting findings among categories of spending, practice, and other key industry data. Just as in last year's survey, there is another point about search and social synergy that sticks out to me, but this time it is not about paid media. It is about how agencies and in-house marketers differ in their approaches to interdependent search and social marketing ...More

  • Does (Customer) Loyalty Drive Referrals -- OR Do Referrals Drive Loyalty?

    The smart aleck answer is, of course, "yes." But let's dig further. That loyalty drives referrals is easy enough to recognize. We can see how (some) loyal customers become advocates for a product or brand, and choose to refer others. A lot of loyalty research and practice focuses on this causal link. One - the Net Promoter Score - proposes a single question as its simple loyalty measure: How likely is it that you would recommend our company to a friend or colleague? This approach to loyalty is blessed with supporters, as well as critics. ...More