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Here Comes Sandy! Or, Facebook, Unplugged

Remember how quaint it used to be when rock stars like Kurt Cobain used to do a live "unplugged" set on MTV? It almost always felt more visceral than when the musicians actually plugged in all of their amps, guitars and wah-wah pedals and turned up the volume. Turns out it doesn't feel the same when Facebook goes, well, acoustic, courtesy of everyone's favorite hurricane, good ol' Sandy. Once our power went out at about 6:30 p.m. Monday night -- thankfully, it came back at about noon today -- I needed Facebook more than ever, even as accessing it became ...More

  • Yes, Facebook Does Own Your Customer Relationships

    Surely you've noticed. Your newsfeed currently features four topics, pretty much exclusively: updates on Sandy and her aftermath, Halloween pics, political updates -- and requests from companies whose Pages you've Liked to also express Interest in them. It's not their fault, they say. It's Facebook. Facebook has changed the settings so now only 10%-15% of our fans will see our posts. Unless we pay. Or unless you make a new part of your Facebook -- an "Interest list" -- that will show ALL our posts. Which will work great, as long as you visit this Interest list -- which evidently ...More

  • Staying Minutes Ahead Of The Next Twitter Trend

    MIT researchers say they have developed an algorithm that predicts 90 minutes in advance what topics will appear on Twitter's trending list. ...More