• For Holiday, Zales Sends Fingers Down The Runway

    In an effort to make sure its brightly colored diamond rings end up in women's stockings this Christmas, Zales let its fingers do the walking -- strutting down the runway in yellow, blue, red and chocolate diamonds. ...Read the whole story

  • Eight O'Clock Treats 'Superfans' To Junket

    While all savvy brands are working overtime to deepen their relationships with loyal customers through social media, Eight O'Clock Coffee has taken these efforts to unusual levels -- most recently extending them to an offline "thank-you" trip for a group of "Superfans." ...Read the whole story

  • Philly Extends Social-Media Push To LGBT Travelers

    The new element is a promotion on the Visit Gay Philly Facebook page around a personality quiz asking participants about their dining, shopping and nightlife preferences. Their answers match them with an ideal Philadelphia neighborhood for their tastes. ...Read the whole story

  • Nissan Vids: Sentra Can Teach You The Moves

    One of the Sentra TV spots has a guy with a Sentra getting more and more respect from executives at his company merely because he owns the car. "One of the key strategies behind the Sentra is that it makes a good first impression. So we thought, 'What's the equivalent in life?'" ...Read the whole story

  • Instagram Debuts Web Profiles

    Instagram is following the example of another mobile app -- Foursquare -- in building out its Web presence. ...Read the whole story

  • Cheerwine Goes Global With 'Giveback' Concert

    Cheerwine -- the bubbly, wild cherry-flavored soft drink that's an institution in the South -- calls itself a brand on the move, with a plan for 100% national distribution by its 100th anniversary in 2017. ...Read the whole story

  • Del Monte Shows Life With New Campaign

    With consumers wanting (or saying they want) more fruits and vegetables in their diets, Del Monte Foods is launching a new advertising campaign emphasizing that their canned vegetables are just as nutritious (and easier) as fresh produce. ...Read the whole story

  • Sennheiser Gives Gamers Absolution

    Lars Nielsen, Sennheiser Gaming's marketing and communications manager, tells Marketing Daily: "Naturally, we thought that some of them -- once in a while -- may need to come up with some 'creative excuses' in order to get their 'me-time' in front of their computer." ...Read the whole story

  • Auto Buffs Focus For New EBay Channel

    EBay Motors is reaching out to the enthusiast crowd with a new Web site devoted to aftermarket customizers and car lovers looking for muscle cars, classics, and automotive odds and ends. The online community and personalization platform is called eBay Garage. ...Read the whole story

Will Search, Online Sentiment Predict Obama's Reelection?

Larry Kim predicts Barack Obama will win the vote for U.S. president "by a landslide" on Nov. 6. The WordStream founder bases his prediction on the amount that Obama and Mitt Romney spent on paid-search advertising for political campaign ads on Google search and the Google Display Network, Web site traffic, and social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. ...More

  • On Election Day Eve, Study Finds Biggest Winner May Be None Of The Above

    Billions of dollars, more than a million TV spots, a dozen Red, White & Blogs, and untold MediaPost unsubscribes later and the 2012 political media season will wrap up tomorrow with the big winner most likely being "none of the above" - at least insofar as the sentiment of the American public toward political advertising and media spin goes. Interestingly, in spite of - or maybe because of - all that political media heft, the perception of both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney was largely negative on the eve of Election Day, according to a not-so-shocking study by the Pew ...More