Wednesday, November 7, 2012

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  • Instagram Ready For WebBuzz Feed

    To date, Instagram has attracted over 100 million users with its wholly-mobile platform. Now, the Facebook-owned photo-sharing app is ready for the Web. "We're launching Web profiles to give you a simple way to share your photos with more people and to make it easier to discover new users on the Web," Instagram said in a Monday blog post. Some Web watchers say the move is a no-brainer. “It strikes me that a quick, dynamic overview of your life in pictures is maybe even more compelling than the overall Facebook Timeline because it’s so simple,” MG Siegler blogged. As such, ... ...Read the whole story

  • Zynga's CityVille Now In 3-D Computer Business Review
A (Social Media) Insider Look At IWearYourShirt

Many of us feel as if our lives revolve around social media -- that the lines between work and personal are nonexistent. For Jason Sadler, founder of IWearYourShirt, this is actually true. Since 2008, Sadler has ...More