• IgnitionOne Adds Facebook Exchange Support

    IgnitionOne released support for Facebook Exchange in its Digital Marketing Suite on Thursday. The function adds cross-channel capabilities, from search to display to social, supporting what some call a hybrid ad model. ...Read the whole story

  • Premium Publishers Best Sites For Brand Marketing

    Premium content publishers are the best media for brand-focused advertising campaigns -- even better than social sites like Facebook. Some 63% of marketers believe premium content publishers do a better job of reaching brand goals, compared with 27% on social media, according to a new study by the Online Publishers Association. ...Read the whole story

  • Pepsi Success Resonates On Twitter

    The company created a 60-second minivideo recap of what had happened for the prior week on Twitter around music and created weekly tweet-sized, 50-second video mashups. The second piece was to take a rising song and give out downloads. ...Read the whole story

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The Image Economy Cometh: Why Instagram's New Profile Pages Are A Big Deal

You may or may not have noticed Instagram's announcement that it launched profile pages for a select number of users and brands this week. Call it the Image Economy, the Instagram Economy, the imagesphere -- it's time to start getting ready to put one more strategic playbook in your social marketing mix. ...More

  • Online Shopping Is Up For Grabs This Holiday Season

    Now that the election is over, our TV, computer and mobile screens will be bombarded with holiday shopping pitches. From a digital perspective, marketers will be competing to grab a share of the $54 billion that eMarketer predicts will be spent by consumers online this holiday season. Today, Hispanics make up 12% of the U.S. online market, which means they will spend approximately $6.5 billion. ...More

  • Light-Bulb Idea: Con Ed Should Build Up Its Social Media Infrastructure

    I don't know about you, but I still find myself in a post-Sandy hangover. I realize that makes this a prolonged condition, but today's reason is the little Nor 'easter, which, while David to Sandy's Goliath, still dumped enough snow around here last night to delay the start of school until 10:30 a.m. As if having no school all of last week wasn't enough! Side query: Does playing endless games of Monopoly count as math drills? ...More