Facebook's Newest Ad Offering

Improving advertising performance on Facebook has long been an issue for advertisers. Facebook Custom Audience helps brands to deepen engagement with their audience as they spend time on social networks. You can reach your audience where they are spending most of their time, and send the message that is most relevant to them. ...More

  • Light-Bulb Idea: Con Ed Should Build Up Its Social Media Infrastructure

    I don't know about you, but I still find myself in a post-Sandy hangover. I realize that makes this a prolonged condition, but today's reason is the little Nor 'easter, which, while David to Sandy's Goliath, still dumped enough snow around here last night to delay the start of school until 10:30 a.m. As if having no school all of last week wasn't enough! Side query: Does playing endless games of Monopoly count as math drills? ...More

  • Millennials Are Re-Shaping The Concept Of 'News'

    Millennials are often criticized for not consuming news, but, despite this perception, they actually are reading and responding to news constantly. Their habits, however, differ from those of previous generations and, because of that, they're shaping the ways in which news exists. They're innovating the industry, making the consumption of news more social, yet they're still informed and are active in responding to what's happening in the world at large. ...More

  • Lessons From Sandy: Social Media As A Lifeline

    My boss was supposed to write this article. But stranded in New York without power, water, or Internet, he called an audible and I'm subbing in. Given the events leading to this change of plan, I decided to write about something very timely, though not strictly on-topic for this column about marketing and health. This week, I'm taking the liberty of expanding the definitions of both. ...More

  • Social, Search: Does Higher Self-Esteem Influence Purchases?

    Can social networks make consumers spend more money or eat more food? Some believe using Facebook promotes higher self-esteem. When we feel better ourselves, do we follow fewer restrictions? One marketing professor at the Columbia Business School, and another from the University of Pittsburgh conducted research that they say shows how the use of social networks can influence behavior by reducing self-control, concluding that sites like Facebook have a significant influence on judgment. ...More