The Social Responsibility Of Social Media

The right to participate within the public dialogue has always come with responsibility. Television had its obligation to share the news. Radio and television participate in the Emergency Alert System. Newspapers have a self-enforced responsibility as the "fourth estate." As brands become more like publishers every day, we have to start asking ourselves if there is a higher level of responsibility for participating in the public discourse - a responsibility beyond that to shareholders and investors. ...More

  • Macy's Won't Be Thumped By 'Dump Trump'

    Donald Trump, who has been known to treat facts as if they were expendable underlings, may be proving that bloviation has its limits. Or perhaps he has us just where he wants us -- i.e., talking about him. In any event, an online petition on asking Macy's to dump his line of apparel in response to his "unpleasant, nasty and despicable behavior" in various venues has gathered enough signatures -- more than a half million -- to gather widespread media coverage over the last 24 hours. ...More