Real-Time To The Rescue

Real-time is far more than a trend. It's a reality. A reality that is not only unavoidable -- it's defining a brand new way to effect real, positive change in our world. ...More

  • The True Cost Of Facebook

    There are some conversations you just have to have over and over, and somehow this seems particularly true with social media. Take, for example, the idea that companies have to be on social media simply because everyone else is. I have had that conversation a hundred times -- including in this very column -- and I can always tell when I'm in a losing battle: my customer's eyes glaze over, she starts nodding, and then she says, "Right, right, right... So when can we get started?" ...More

  • Ben & Jerry's Develops New Instagram Flavor...Local Fame

    Ben & Jerry's uses a global social net, Instagram, to go local in an inspired way. The #CaptureEuphoria program will reveal the neighborhood Cherry Garcia lovers in your midst. ...More

  • Can Traditional Still Work In This Social World?

    Not long ago, the relationship between a customer and a corporation was relatively static and one-sided. Companies' advertisements and press releases were completely controlled by their marketing and management teams. Today's consumers, however, have usurped much of that power, catapulting the shift into "Social Consumers" evident today. These "social consumers" seek out information through sites like Twitter and Facebook, trust only relevant, value-added information and expect a conversation with brands - one that is truly personalized to this specific customer and their ask. This shift in consumer behavior has forced traditional Customer Relationship Marketing to evolve into today's social CRM. ...More