Sorry, Guy, Everyone Knows Your Restaurant Sucks

So I guess by now you've cancelled your reservation at Guy's American Restaurant and Bar, because the cocktails are said to taste like formaldehyde, the rice isn't rice, but "an insipid Rice-a-Roni variant," and the fish tastes like toasted marshmallows. (Wait. It's the other way around -- the marshmallows taste like fish.) ...More

  • Rethinking Social Media's ROI

    Finding the true ROI of social media is challenging because it throws up a multitude of data points from likes, comments, follows, shares, and retweets. Marketers can latch onto easily understandable metrics, but all they are doing is lowering the bar. In the short term, they may succeed -- but it is the long term that ROI and branding should be all about. ...More