Tuesday, November 20, 2012
  • Gap Loves Love On Pinterest And Postagram

    The campaign kicked off on Postagram and Pinterest, encouraging users to turn their own photos into real postcards, which the Gap is mailing to loved ones at no charge. And those who pin Gap fashions on Pinterest wish lists are entered in a drawing for Gap gift cards. ...Read the whole story

  • High Social Buzz Won't Save TV Shows

    The most social buzzed-about new TV shows this year are the ones that won't be around much longer, like "66 Park Avenue" and "Last Resort." ...Read the whole story

  • Q&A: Century 21 CMO Thorne On Super Bowl

    In this age of one-to-one marketing through digital channels, it might seem incongruous for a realty company to employ such old-school mass media tactics, but as CMO Bev Thorne explains, the significant investment (30-second spots are going for $3.8 million this year) is more than worth it. ...Read the whole story

  • Honda Launches Humorous Year-End Campaign

    Honda is joining the year-end sales mix with "Happy Honda Days." The effort, which has an oddly '60's color-TV feel, features the odd parent or two, with an obstreperous mother saying the wrong things to her son at the wrong time, among other wackos. ...Read the whole story

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  • Sally Bercow Stops Tweeting The Drum

    The wife of the Speaker of the House of Commons, has temporarily retired from Twitter on legal advice after her involvement in the misidentification of Lord McAlpine in a sexual abuse case and the naming a child abduction victim through the platform as well. Bercow, who has over 60,000 followers on Twitter, is understood to be one of thousands of people targeted by the lawyers of Lord McAlpine for her inference through the microblogging site that he sexually abused young boys - a claim that has since been withdrawn. ...Read the whole story

  • Ofcom Blasts Channel 5's Facebook Voting Move Digital Spy

    Channel 5 has been criticised by broadcast watchdog Ofcom over incidents from this summer's series of Big Brother. Ofcom received 2,085 complaints during the 2012 series of the reality show, and has agreed that viewers' complaints about an incident featuring contestant Conor McIntyre breached its broadcasting code. The second breach followed the closing down of Facebook voting during the series, which meant that fans who had purchased voting credits were unable to use them. ...Read the whole story

  • 30% Of UK Consumers Share Shopping Experiences Red Rocket Media

    Research by Verint Systems found about one in three UK consumers are happy to broadcast their shopping experiences across a social network, be it positive or negative,feedsfloor.com reports. The study saw 7,000 UK consumers questioned on their customer service experiences, with only 49% saying they feel happy with them on the whole. Long wait times was one of the biggest gripes; it was cited by two thirds of consumers as one of their biggest annoyances. ...Read the whole story

  • MP Demands Apology For Abusive Tweets The Guardian
  • More Britons Leaving Digital Wills The Telegraph
  • How Twitter Changed News Cycle And Election Campaigns 2012Social Times
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