• Gap Loves Love On Pinterest And Postagram

    The campaign kicked off on Postagram and Pinterest, encouraging users to turn their own photos into real postcards, which the Gap is mailing to loved ones at no charge. And those who pin Gap fashions on Pinterest wish lists are entered in a drawing for Gap gift cards. ...Read the whole story

  • High Social Buzz Won't Save TV Shows

    The most social buzzed-about new TV shows this year are the ones that won't be around much longer, like "66 Park Avenue" and "Last Resort." ...Read the whole story

  • Q&A: Century 21 CMO Thorne On Super Bowl

    In this age of one-to-one marketing through digital channels, it might seem incongruous for a realty company to employ such old-school mass media tactics, but as CMO Bev Thorne explains, the significant investment (30-second spots are going for $3.8 million this year) is more than worth it. ...Read the whole story

  • Honda Launches Humorous Year-End Campaign

    Honda is joining the year-end sales mix with "Happy Honda Days." The effort, which has an oddly '60's color-TV feel, features the odd parent or two, with an obstreperous mother saying the wrong things to her son at the wrong time, among other wackos. ...Read the whole story

Key Leg In Start-Up Equation: Marketing

The start-up world is build on a two-legged platform of technology and finance. Yet there is a third leg: The marketing leg is the most important part of the entire equation. ...More

  • 'Look! We're Tweetering In!'

    We have some hot new technologies here, and we should have some sizzling hot leveraging going on 24-7. It's a team effort, but the purpose of this communication is to "prime the pump." So here are some "conversation starters" from the 31st floor. ...More

  • Five Ways Brands Can Be Thankful For Instagram

    Instagram is most definitely its own beast. Businesses thinking they can parlay a Pinterest strategy into Instagram will be sorely mistaken, thanks to strikingly different user engagement styles on the two platforms. Without clear "transactional" support, Instagram is proving to be much more about brand building and brand allegiance. If your company doesn't hold the term "brand" highly, simply stay off Instagram for now -- there are other platforms more worth your transactional-based time. However, for the brand-conscience, recent metrics show Instagram might be a worthwhile marketing tool. ...More

  • A Gluten-Free Search Diet

    In June of 2009, something unique happened in the world of health news: That's when the Mayo Clinic "announced the imminent release of a study on celiac disease, specifically an immune system response to gluten," according to Forbes.com article. While these kinds of releases are commonplace in the health community, what made this news event different was that the Mayo Clinic chose to share the announcement over Twitter and tracked which of its followers retweeted it. The Mayo Clinic later shared an embargoed copy of the study with select followers, each of whom had celiac disease, who were permitted to ...More