Wednesday, November 21, 2012
  • Q&A: Century 21 CMO Thorne On Super Bowl

    In this age of one-to-one marketing through digital channels, it might seem incongruous for a realty company to employ such old-school mass media tactics, but as CMO Bev Thorne explains, the significant investment (30-second spots are going for $3.8 million this year) is more than worth it. ...Read the whole story

  • Honda Launches Humorous Year-End Campaign

    Honda is joining the year-end sales mix with "Happy Honda Days." The effort, which has an oddly '60's color-TV feel, features the odd parent or two, with an obstreperous mother saying the wrong things to her son at the wrong time, among other wackos. ...Read the whole story

  • High Social Buzz Won't Save TV Shows

    The most social buzzed-about new TV shows this year are the ones that won't be around much longer, like "66 Park Avenue" and "Last Resort." ...Read the whole story

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You Like Me - You Really Like Me! Or Do You?

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