Thankful For Time Spent Together All Year Long

While we cherish the approaching holiday season as the time of year to spend quality time with friends and family, busy moms treasure special moments of family togetherness each and every day. Visualizing today's moms, the marketing images of time-pressured, over-stressed and economically stretched women tend to come to mind. However, the moments which are most salient to these hard-working moms are those daily opportunities when they can meaningfully connect with their children. ...More

  • What If Your Entire Business Were Opt-In?

    For the past year, I've been involved with a new venture called Ministry of Awesome (MoA). This nonprofit exists to water the seeds of awesome in our local community: bringing people together and providing inspiration and support to turn awesome ideas into reality. Our Facebook strategy has been simple. We post links to things we think are awesome (in our local area and around the world), as well as relevant updates or notices from MoA. We try to post reasonably regularly, but only when we actually have something to share that we feel good about. We haven't invited a single ...More

  • I'll Buy You A Facebook Gift For Christmas -- Just Not On Facebook

    Man. I wish I had time to recover from the story about the baby that was named Hashtag just before the column was due. And the newborn is a girl, no less! To the extent that I've put thought into Little Baby Hashtag at all, I was positively sure this name-challenged infant would be a boy. I'm reeling. But life, and social media, must press on, so today, let's ponder Facebook Gifts, an ecommerce upgrade from what I'm pretty sure was the only thing you used to be able to buy on Facebook: a virtual cow. ...More