Tuesday, December 4, 2012
  • Aggregate Knowledge Puts Its Money Where Facebook's Mouths Are, Guarantees New Targeting Platform

    Aggregate Knowledge, a so-called "data management platform" or DMP that helps advertisers and publishers target relevant display ads at online consumers, this morning unveiled a new version of its audience-targeting platform, which it claims is the first to tap the audience profile data of Facebook users. As part of the new launch, AK is offering a money-back guarantee to advertisers and agencies that they will boost their reach or sales goals by 10% within 60 days of using the new platform. ...Read the whole story

  • Finally: Big Boxes Leverage Mobile, Social

    "Whether it's Best Buy, Target, Walmart or Toys R Us, we're seeing that brick-and-mortar stores have learned to adapt and even embrace the mobile shopper," Stephen Wyss, partner in BDO's retail and consumer product practices, tells "Marketing Daily." ...Read the whole story

  • OneSpot Helps Promote Branded Content

    OneSpot is launching a new service that uses native advertising to drive traffic to branded content in various formats, including blogs, white papers, YouTube videos, and social media advertising. It is designed to help extend the lifespan of branded content and increase audience size by delivering targeted ads based on audience analytics. ...Read the whole story

  • 'Malibu,' '666' Create Social Media Buzz

    ABC's Friday sleeper show, "Malibu Country," which started last month, is the best new TV show in terms of social-media activity. The show has a high "involvement" score, as does the recently canceled '666 Park Avenue.' ...Read the whole story

  • NFL Legend Emmitt Smith Is Lincoln Brand Ambassador

    The Super Bowl advertisement itself will also be a first: it's a consumer-generated social-media campaign in which people co-create the 60-second ad via tweets. Jimmy Fallon will be curating the effort. Specifics aren't clear just yet. The whole thing gets going on Wednesday. ...Read the whole story

  • Social Media Time Rises On Mobile, PC

    Consumers now spend a full 30% of their mobile time on social media networks, according to new data from Nielsen and NM Incite. ...Read the whole story

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