• AmEx: Social Engagement That Closes The Loop

    Leslie Berland, SVP digital partnerships and development at American Express, has a five-second rule: don't tweet something that takes a consumer longer than five seconds to figure out. That, in a way, applies to a lot of what the financial services firm does on social. ...Read the whole story

  • Pinfluencer Measures Pinterest's Engagement Value

    Marketers are finding value in Pinterest. But while the social site doesn't provide analytics tools to prove return on investments, a startup called Pinfluencer does. ...Read the whole story

  • Spacebook: Marketers Liken Social Net's KPI To A Deep Space Probe

    In a revelation suggesting the rationale for advertising on Facebook is more like astronomical science than marketing science, one of the social network's clients told industry executives and Wall Street analysts that his rationale for budgeting it is akin to deep space exploration. Calling the revelation "one of the best explanations we have heard to date about how Facebook budgets have been justified," Wall Street analyst Brian Wieser issued an equities research report this morning based on presentations at an undisclosed marketing conference. ...Read the whole story

  • Melting Pot Spotlights New Menu On Reality Show

    For the chain, the exposure on the one-hour program will provide a prime opportunity to get the word out about its revamped menu, which is to launch officially in all of its restaurants by February 2013, reports Sandy D'Elosua. ...Read the whole story

  • Gap Pushes Out-of-Home Ads

    With consumer attention dwindling in top markets, Gap has used new and innovative forms of out-of-home media this year to get noticed. That's according to Chris Gayton, senior director marketing and brand management at Gap Inc. ...Read the whole story

The Whole Story - Social Media and TV

The considerable amount of enthusiasm for Social TV is possibly only matched by the desire to know more about what is actually going on. ...More

  • Agency of the Year: Bronze, Social -- Pereira & O'Dell

    Thinking far beyond Facebook and branded content, Pereira & O’Dell knows how to put on a show that the world can’t wait to share Pereira & O’Dell had two defining moments in 2012.One arrived early, in January, when the San Francisco–based agency bid farewell to its largest client, the University of Phoenix, declining to participate in a review for the business.“We knew it was going to change the agency, alter our course forever,” says CEO Andrew O’Dell.Though the account had helped put pod on the map and generated considerable revenue, senior management changes on the client side convinced agency execs ...More

  • On The Run

    If you think this blog post is about delivering your marketing messages to moms while she's running errands and carpooling to children, you might be surprised. It is about a mom running and about marketing to moms but the mom is me, and the run is my weekly long training run. It's that time of the year again when I ramp up my miles in preparation for a winter marathon. I take advantage of this time alone and often reflect on life. Since marketing to moms is such a big part of my everyday activities, it was the subject matter ...More

  • SocialVibe and AnchorFree Partner

    Los Angeles online advertising company SocialVibe last week announced a partnership with AnchorFree, a secure web browsing app. "We are very pleased to announce our partnership with AnchorFree," stated Chris Rooke, senior vice president of business development at SocialVibe. "It is our goal to help align the interests of brands and consumers by continuing to bring engagement advertising to new channels and touch points." ...More

  • How The Best Luxury Brands Embrace The Social Revolution

    Last time I was in New York, I found myself ducking into Saks Fifth Avenue to avoid the sirens from the President's motorcade. You have to appreciate the full retail experience of an upscale store like Saks. What really struck me on this particular visit were not the couture products or the latest high-ticket items that would require my selling a limb to purchase, but the habits of my fellow shoppers -- in particular, the number of mobile cameras being used to take pictures in every corner of the story really stood out. If I ventured a guess, I'd bet ...More

  • Effective Content Marketing

    According to new research from Marketing Profs and the Content Marketing Institute, 86% of B2C marketers in North America are using content marketing, employing 12 individual tactics on average. But B2C content marketers are struggling with the effectiveness of their content marketing, says the report. ...More

  • 2013 Predictions Include Brand-Commissioned Pop Music And IPads At Your Courtside Seat

    If 2012 was the year of the London Olympics, the Election, and GangnamStyle, what does 2013 hold in store for marketers? Where will the growth come from? We see a number of trends ready to shape the way we do business. Across several categories below, we'll make a "safe" and an "out on a limb" prediction. ...More

  • Your Business Is NOT Too Complex For Social

    Most businesses like to think they are special: They have a unique problem. They have a unique customer. They have a complicated offering. Businesses make excuses all the time for the difficulty they find with social media. Trouble is, most of the time, it's just not true. This struck me as I saw one of the most complicated issues facing America today -- the fiscal cliff -- being discussed via a Twitter Q&A. That's right, the morass of political, financial and social complexities known as the fiscal cliff was being discussed in 140 characters or less. ...More